Scottish Country Dancing

Marty King teaches Scottish country dancing just down the road.
If you like Contra Dancing, you will love Scottish Country Dancing! It's a little more challenging, but worth the effort.
Scottish Country dancing is neither folk dancing nor Highland dancing. It is group dancing based on classical French ballet steps and was danced in the Scottish Court and well as in cities and villages.
In the classes, we learn to dance reels and strathspeys. Couples dance together and with other couples. The footwork and handwork are fairly challenging, but not so much a beginner couldn't pick it up after a while.
Marty asks you keep coming week to week so each session can build on the one before.
This is well worth the effort! Several times a year, there are parties or teas where you get to dance the steps you've been practicing. All ages and both genders welcomed. Partners are not necessary, and you don't have to wear a kilt! (However, the men often do.)
A much better explaination comes with the web page maintained by the Washington DC area Scottish country dancers here, since DC probably has one of the largest populations of SCD enthusiasts. When visiting the Eastern Shore of Maryland, come join us every Monday night, 7 - 9.
Cost is $3.50 a person, and the first hour is dedicated to teaching the beginners. This is moderately aerobic, but the hard part is really ingraining the patterns in your head, as the dances can be rather complicated. It's lots of fun, though! We meet at Cross Courts in Easton, MD, just go South on Washington St. past Dutchman's Lane, and you'll see it on the left.

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