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Scottish Country Dancing in Easton, Maryland

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Play loud.
Push the pipes for the entire Bluebells Set!

Chesapeake Caledonian Pipe Band

The Chesapeake Caledonian Pipe Band plays around the Eastern Shore and Annapolis. Check out their web page for their schedule and some neat pictures.

The rest of us (those that just got our pipes) practice every Monday night, 7 - 9 at the Presbyterian Church in Easton.

Midi files to play along with

NEW! The music to the Bluebells Set can be played by touching this word: Bluebells Set as the Chesapeake Caledonian Pipe Band Plays it. That is, 2 Bluebells (with seconds), one Bonnie Charlie, 2 Johnny Scobies and one Murdo's Wedding. This does have the correct grace notation, the way we play it. The drums on Murdo's Wedding are purely speculative.
There are lots of MIDI files on the web, even ones that have Highland bagpipe music. I got these from "Bagpipes at Best", which is apparently defunct now. It's a good source, but the grace notes aren't necessarily what we use. (See abc files, below, for correct notation.)
You can get Crescendo, a Netscape plug-in, to hear midi files.
Here are the songs you should be practicing this week. They are midi files so you can play along. If you click on the name, a netscape midi file will come up. Right click on the player to save into your computer. Coming soon: slower versions of these, so you can play along!
Johnny Scobie
Scotland the Brave
The Bluebells of Scotland
Scots Wha' Hae
Bonnie Charlie (zoom! Listen to how fast it's supposed to be played)
Murdo's Wedding
*Amazing Grace
Murdo's Wedding, played very slowly
I've been trying to locate a copy of "Echo Lake."

Bagpipe Manufacturers

Okay, technically, you can buy pipes on the web. The biggest problem is if you get something sight unseen it may be as worthless as blowing into a hot water bag. So, when you go to get your pipes (they're not cheap) take someone knowledgable along to check the insides, the sound, cracked reeds and pipes, all the stuff that brings the career of an amateur pipe player to a squealing halt.
Still, you can get chanters and dress without much worry, and a reputable company will have a guarantee.
  • Killberry Handmade bagpipes, chanters, and top quality piping supplies direct from Edinburgh Scotland
  • George's Music in British Columbia for bagpipe supplies
  • Highland Bagpipe Services Another one in BC
  • Aberdeen Bagpipes in Houston, carries Dunfion pipes
  • Rocky Mt. Higland Supply These guys are good, and fairly reasonable. Also a lot of different manufacturers.
  • Tartantown I've taken you right to the bagpipe stuff in this site, but they have other items
  • The Tartan Thistle Not many pictures, but good prices

    Piping Schools and Camps

  • 6/28/98-7/11/98 - BALMORAL SCHOOL OF PIPING- Tacoma, WA UNIVERSITY OF PUGET SOUND, Tacoma, WA http://members.aol.com/bagpiping
    Massachusetts Maritime Academy
    Date; July 12-17, 1998
    contact 1-518-658-3879 or invrmark@mail.albany.net
  • July 13-24 1998 - HIGHLAND ARTS SUMMER CAMP, Quebec, CANADA
    We are holding a summer camp again this year from July 13-24, being held in Lennoxville, Quebec. Lennoxville is located in the Eastern Townships, about 100 miles S/E of Montreal, & close to the Canada / US border.
    Steve Thorneloe
    14 Prospect
    Lennoxville, Que
    J1M 1Z7
    (819) 565-7798
    E-MAIL = sthornel@ubishops.ca
  • 7/19/98-8/8/98 - BALMORAL SCHOOL OF PIPING, Bethlehem, PA
    MORAVIAN COLLEGE, Bethlehem, PA http://members.aol.com/bagpiping"

    Castleton State College, VT
    Date; July 19-24, 1998
    contact 1-518-658-3879 or invrmark@mail.albany.net

    Neat Stuff to Do with your Pipes

    Dennis Havlena's page How to make musical instruments out of hardware store equipment. Don't let the text-only format fool you. This guy has some pretty nifty ways with PVC.
    Stupid Bagpipe Tricks John Walsh does it again.

    Hobgoblin Music in California has a lot of reasonably priced songbooks.

    ABC Files

    ABC files are everywhere! Abc is ascii-based, so you can copy music files from anywhere, including off your e-mail! Read all about it on Henrick Norbeck's Page. Hendrick, an Irish-music playing programmer from Stockholm, invented a program in Visual C++ called ABCMUS, so ordinary spelmän like us can create or recreate music. Celtic and Swedish folk music is especially suited for it. Yet, you can add grace notes, bowing, double-stops, and so forth. You can turn it into midi music too. Get a free (well, shareware) abc player!

    Here is my version of "The Irish Washerwoman" and "Bluebells Set" as played by our band. Don't like the chords? You can remove them with a click of the button. If you copy this, set your drones to "AA," and options to bagpipe.
  • These are the files. You just drag and drop them into your abc player.

    T:Irish (Kilt-Wearing) Washerwoman
    C:PM N. Gillies
    z3:|e|{g}c {d}A {e}A {g}G {d}A {e}A| {g}c {d}A {e}A {g}edc| {g}d B {G}B {g}G {d}B {G}B| {g}d B {G}B{g}fed|
    {g}c{d}A{e}A{g}G{d}A{e}A| {g}c{d}A{e}A{g}edc| {g}dcd{g}Bed|
    :|d|"A"{g}ce{A}e"A"{g}ec{d}A| "A"{g}c{d}A{e}A "A"{g}edc|
    "D"{g}df{e}f"D"{g}fB{G}B| "D"{g}dB{G}B"D"{g}fed|
    "A"{g}ce{A}e{g}"A"ec{d}A| "A"{g}c{d}A "A"{e}A{g}efc|
    "D"{g}dcd"E"{g}Bed| "A"{g}c{d}A {e}A "A" {gAGAG}A2:|
    {g}G{d}A{e}A{g}C{d}A{e}A| {g}dB{G}B{g}fB{G}B| aB{G}B{g}fga|
    c{d}A{e}A{g}B{d}A{e}A| {g}G{d}A{e}A{g}c{d}A{e}A|
    {g}dcd{g}Bed| {g}c{d}A{e}A{gABAB}A2:|
    |:d|{g}ce{A}e{g}ec{G}c| ac{G}c{g}ec{G}c|
    {g}df{e}f{g}fd{G}d| ad{G}d{g}fd{G}d|
    {g}ce{A}e{g}ec{G}c| ac{G}c{g}ec{G}c| {g}dcd{g}Bed| {g}c{d}A{e}A{gABAB}A2:|

    T:Bluebells Set
    T:Bluebells of Scotland, Bonnie Charlie, Johnny Scobie, Murdo's Wedding
    C:Chesapeake Caledonian Pipe Band
    Z:by Renee
    |:e2|{af}a4 {f}g2f2|{gef}e4{g}f2 g a|c2 {GdG}c2 {GdGc}d2 {g}B2 |{G}A4 {GAG}A2:|
    |:{g}ed| {gcd}c2 {e}A2 {gcd}c2 e2| {af}a3 g {a}f2 g a| {f}g2 e2 {g}f2 d2| {gef}e4 {g}f2 g2|
    {af}a4 {f}g2 f2| {aef}e4 {g}f2 ga| c2 {GdG}c2 {Gdc}d2 {g}B2| {G}A4 {gAG}A2 :|A2
    "2.Bonnie Charlie"
    {GdGc}d3 e {g}f2 d2| {g}B d3 {G}A4| {af}a4 {GdG}a2 f2| {gfg}f e3 {G}e4|
    {GdGc}d3 e {g}f2 d2| {g}B d3 {G}A4|{af}a4 {GdG} a2 f2| {gef}e3 d {gdG}d4
    {f} f2 a2 {g}a2 {GdG}a2| {fg}f2 a2 {f}a4|{GdGc}d3 c {gBd}B2 {G}A2|{gf}g3/2 f/2 {g}e d {gef}e3 {A}e|
    {g}f3 {e}f {gef} e2 d2| {g}B d3 {G}A4|
    {af}a4 {GdGc}a2 f2| {gef}e3 d {gdF}d2|

    "3.Johnny Scobie"
    |{g}AB| {GDG}c3 e {gde}dc {gBd}BA| {Gcd}c2 {e}A2 {GAG}A2 {gcd}ce|
    {ag}a4 {GdG}ag {fg}fe| {gfg}f4 {g}e2 {g}f3/2 g/2|
    {af}a4 {GeG}a2 c2 {GdGc}d2 f2 {gef}e3 {A}e| {g}f2 e2 {af}a2 c2|
    {aGd}B4 {G}A2| "4. Murdo's Wedding"
    |e2|{g}A2 {GdGe} A B {g}A2 {gcd}c e|
    {ag}a2 {fg}f d {gef}e4|
    {g}A2 {GdGe}A B {G}A2 {gcd}c e|
    {g}f3/2 e/2 {gde}dc{gBd}B2 {gef}e10/6 c2/6|
    {g}A2 {GdGe} A B {g}A2 {gcd}c e|
    {ag}a2 {fg}f d {gef}e4|
    {ag}a2 {fg}fd {gef}e2 {fde}d10/6 B2/6|
    {G}A4 {GAG}A4|
    {ag}a2 {fg}f d {gef}e2 {AGAG}A2|
    {ag}a2 {fg}f d {gef}e4|
    {g}A2 {GeGe}AB {G}A2 {acd}ce|
    {g}f10/6 e2/6 {gde}d c {gbd}B2 {gef}e10/6 c2/6|
    {g}A2 {GdGe}A B {G}A2 {gcd}c e|
    {ag}a2 {fg}f d {gef}e4|
    {ag}a2 {fg}f d {gef}e2 {gef}d22/12 B2/12|
    {G}A4 {GAG}A3 z|

    T:O'Donovan's Jig
    C:PM J. McCormack
    z5:|A|"D"{Gdgc}d3 "D"{g}f e d|
    "G"{g}B d {c}d "D"{g}A d {c}d |
    "D"{gdC}d3 "D"{g}f e d|
    "A" {g}c e {A}e "A7"{g}e2 A|
    "D"{Gdgc}d3 "D"{g}f e d|
    "G"{g}B d {c}d "D"{g}A d {c}d |
    "G"{G}B d {c}d "A"{g}c e {A}e |
    "D"{g}f d {c}d "D"{gdc}d2:|
    :|e|"D"{g}f3 "D"g f g|
    "D"a f {e}f "A7"{g}fed|
    "D"{f}f3 "D"g f g|
    "A"a f {e}f "A7"{g}f2 A|
    "D"{g}f3 "D"g f g |
    "A"a f {e}f "A7"{g}f e d|
    "G"{g}Bd {c}d "A"{g}c e {A}e|
    "D"{g}f d {c}d "D"{gdc}d2:|

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    For more downloadable midi files, go to:
    Epic's Folk Music page This has lyrics and midi files. Be sure to visit the O'Carolan page mentioned there. It's excellent!

    Scottish Country Dancing on the Eastern Shore!

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