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A retired Brazilian Navy Senior Officer, cartographer and a 35 year experienced EDP expert now engaged in Computer Training and Advising.

Also very fond of classical music to which I had dedicated several thousands hours of my life in piano practice for my own inner realization (and my neighbors distress) on Beethoven and Mozart sonatas, Liszt Consolations and scores of several Chopin small pieces.

I have given up all this for the time being due to the steadily increasing rhythm of modern life in a great urban center as Rio de Janeiro where my piano practice rumble would just be added to the already unbearable city background noise.

Therefore, besides trying to follow track of the informatics innovations, though an impossible mission nowadays, I listen and collect classical music CDs exchanging comments within a narrow bandwidth of music lover friends.

In this site I am presenting lists of 100 classical music composers classified by NAME, date of BIRTH and NUMBER OF RECORDINGS as to Summer 96.

I have also organized a chronology on the birth/death dates of 100 classical composers using MS Excel graphics. Whoever is interested in this small essay just send me an e-mail and I will reply attaching 3 XLS small files with macros to print lists and graphics.

As to informatics, I recommend visiting my other site:
Gab's Tips on how to dealing with Windows lock-ups, Antivirus Security and other tips.

Updated: Sep/98 By Gabriel D. Almeida, Senior Computer Consultant.