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Sound files from Star Wars Trliogy alive!

All these files are from Star Wars Trilogy and include Vaders's speeches along with some other cool sounds, connected to the Dark Side. : "All too easy." - Vader The Empire Strikes Back : "As you wish." -Vader, Return of the Jedi : "As you wish, m'Lord." -Imperial Officer, Return of the Jedi : "What is thy bidding, my master?" -Vader, Return of the Jedi : "What is thy bidding, my master?" -Vader, The Empire Strikes Back : Blaster Sounds, A New Hope (Star Wars) : Blaster Sounds, A New Hope (Star Wars) : Blaster Sounds, A New Hope (Star Wars) : Blaster Sounds, Return of the Jedi : Blaster Sounds, The Empire Strikes Back : Blaster Sounds, The Empire Strikes Back : "If you only knew the power of the dark side." -Vader, The Empire Strikes Back : "You don't know the power of the dark side." -Vader, Return of the Jedi : "Sir, We've lost our bridge deflector shields!" -Imperial Officer, Return of the Jedi : "I want them alive - no disintegrations" -Vader, The Empire Strikes Back : Vader Gets His Shoulder Sliced, The Empire Strikes Back : "I find your lack of faith disturbing." -Vader, A New Hope (Star Wars) : "I am your father." -Vader, The Empire Strikes Back : "The force is with you." -Vader, The Empire Strikes Back : "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen." -The Emperor, Return of the Jedi : "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am." -Vader, Return of the Jedi : "I have you now." -Vader, A New Hope (Star Wars) : "Impressive." -Vader, The Empire Strikes Back : "We would be honored if you would join us." -Vader, The Empire Strikes Back : "Commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those plans, and bring me the passengers! I want them alive!" -Vader, A New Hope (Star Wars) : "They'll be no-one to stop us this time!" -Vader, A New Hope (Star Wars) : "Take her away!" -Vader, A New Hope (Star Wars) : "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed." -Vader, A New Hope (Star Wars)

Terrific! It happened! Now you can view pictures of Moscow on my homepage. They will be updated regularly and the best one will be left. Now all the pictures are on one page, but I will divide it soon in several ones.

Ok, guys! I am strarting a new part of the page, which is called "The relic", it is about what is new and what is old on my page, and what is coming soon on Friday. What is going to happen now with my page is that it's gonna grow really quickly, I decided not to divide my front page "index.html" in different parts, so you see "Hollywood in all it's glory". I think, that I will move the whole links file to this page and will definitely improve my text fonts and sizes. Graphics will be also added. So, check the page later.

Load the site completely to listen to MACARENA if you have SoundBlaster, Adlib etc. on PC (in Mac it's in there by default).

Other good news: my page is added to several main searching engines, including Yahoo, Altavista and Hotbot, so more people will come here, though the page is extremely new.

I have already moved in! Right now I havn't enough time to make the whole page in one hour, cauz today there will be a movie on TV- "Shadow" and I can't miss it, so I will describe briefly what will be posted here:

1) .bas filesfor Qbasic. You are wondering of course if I am stupid, but I am not- I just like qbasic because it's so simple and that you can do some good programmes in, which seem hard to do at first: for example, one of the programmes, which will appear here will be such programm, which imitates DOS promt: C:\> and when you type in any command, the programm writes "Bad command of file name", it looks cool, because computer needs reseting after running the programm and person whom you gave it thinks that something happened to his hard disk, cauz no programm is running: just give him two files: one .bat and one .bas, he will run .bas and probably will be very upset. There will be several such programms, so check this site soon!

2) Number two. You will get at about 20-30 good linx. Listen me, everybody gives some linx in their homepages. But are they useful? Huh? You can throw them away!! My lix are useful and cool, you really will be able to do something good with them, not just to enter and watch graphics loading!

3) Good pictures of where I have been. No comments.

4) My MIDI files. By the way: SEND ME YOUR MIDI ny E-Mail and in the case if I will like them (this is quite possible) I will certainly make them on my site. My MIDI are very crazy, but don't wonder: even silence is a music! Isn't it cute?

5) AND: send me all comments you have devoting to my page: what you like and what you dislike (I also like this) and what would you like to see here. Please, do not send me E-Mail, that my page looks like chaos: it's supposed to be such. Every site in the Net is so well done, that I decided not to do it like others: I will never delete what I have already written, I will just add new stuff, for example this text reamins forever. "Who wants to live forever?" So, send me your E-Mails, comments, MIDIs, whatever to: MARIJA@UCLA.EDU (ALL LETTERS IN LOWER CASE). and you can get the book on diskette or typed I think.

Great! I have uploaded some MIDI files, so you can enjoy now. They are rather short, so if I were you I would try every. 1. First file
2. Second file
3. Third file
4. Fourth file
- its's the best, but not mine- of my friend, whose page you can check out later (I gave you his address somewhere in my page)

You can visit the homepage that I started a month ago and decided not to continue right in Angelfire
, but it will disappear soon because there is no activity there, so enter at your own risk, though you can go to the first address WITHOUT ANY RISK.

5.Fifth file
6.Sixth file
7.Seventh heaven
8.8th file

This file is not mine in fact Listen to it if you havn't heard the melody from Star Wars for a long time: very well done MIDI

I talked to my friend who is in Moscow (I am from Moscow myself also and now I am in Santa Monica, but will come back in June) to send me his picture so I could place it in my homepage, cauz it great, but he didn't do it and I decided to place his letter to me then. So, here it is
, you will probably need russificator to read it, and it's also not far from
here. You must unzip it with WinZip or Pkunzip and run file "rus.exe" in DOS, after that using Norton Commander or whatever view the file and you can see what's inside there. If you don't know Russian that doesn't matter cauz u will see Russian alphabet, and I'm not sure at all that you have seen it before. You can also try typing, for this purpose press right Shift after running rusificator "rus.exe" and press different letters to see what is going on. Later I will post here equalents of Russian letters to Latin to see how some of them are pronounced and what do we have in common.

Go to Who I Am to read who i am. The most important part of it are pictures of Moscow, where I am from, but currently I am working on this page but you can try to find something interesting inside there.

Well-well. I told you that I would place some computer jokes here, so the first one (it was created not by me): Freak
All the explanation about using it will be a lill bit later, but it's better for you to rename the file "freak.exe" to something else like "start.exe", when you will give it to your friend.

I won't give you addresses of Pkunzip or Winzip, as everybody does, because sure you have all this stuff cauz all files you download in the Net are usually in the archive of .zip.

Have a lot of fun here. You will find out what's the deal there and I reccomend you to load that material to your computer. It's real.

Now: first Qbasic file
All the comments will be later, now briefly: you must have Qbasic to run ALL qbasic programmes and in most of cases you have but just don't know: if you have DOS, than you certainly have it, just type in DOS promt "qbasic" and qbasic will load. After that go to "File" in the menu, from there to "Open", then choose "load.bas" and then press F5 to run the programm. Enjoy! If you don't know Qbasic's language, than it's not good enough, because you won't recieve the whole amount of pleasure while reading the code of the programm and the principles how it runs. To learn Qbasic (it's very simple) go to... I have forgotten address but will place it next time I will edit the page.

You can also go to my friend's homepage (don't wonder that we have the same names), but take into your consideration that if my homepage is mad than HIS
homepage is mad completely because it is so filled with science, astronomy and mathematics and the spirit of all these things is so close and you even can smell it that it drives you mad! That's the question! "To be or not to be!"

Take a look on hacker's sruff Of course it's for educational purposes only and I am not responsible if you will cause any damage to any computer by this material. This is just a text file which I found in the Net, it's written not by me, but it's interesting to see how hackers do viruses (several methods for different computer languages). By the way, do you know that they were going to attack the main AOL's computer on Valentine's Day, to put virus in it and to make millions of AOL's users infected in one day? But they didn't, it was a joke from their side (they told that they are from alliance which consists of 150 hackers and that all they were going to attack AOL at one day, at one time).

Dear numerous fans of my page! I decided not to fulfill one promise I have given to you: I decided not to place pictres of where I have been here. Or if I will do it, it will be later, not now, cauz I am currently working on my links file and on my file, where you have a lot of fun, because there are no paragraphs in it.

Goto my links file! Very useful!

Attention!: today working on my page I mentioned that there is nothing in common between me and what I have created, so don't wonder about my personality.

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This is really cool- because it's NOAH's place!

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