Personal Pictures

My first snowman, freshman year at Mary Baldwin College (Staunton, VA) - isn't he CUTE :->?!?

In February 2000, I went to a really awesome retreat held by a group called The Legacy of a Kid Brother of St. Frank, which was established to carry on some of Rich Mullins' work in arts ministry and spiritual development, especially among the Native American community. This fellow ragamuffin here is David Mullins, Rich's brother and a wonderfully honest, funny, engaging, and encouraging servant of Jesus in his own right.

Since I was in "Rich-ita" I figured it'd only be fitting to try out Rich's favorite place for good grub, this way cool sandwich bar called The Artichoke. LOADS of fun - if ya ever find yourself hungry in Wichita (and if you can find a seat, it's small and always crowded) ya gotta go there!

From our spring 2001 young adults retreat - our young adults pastor (seated), myself (in the pink), my roommate (behind me), our friend (who built the desk my computer is on :D!!! - the guy standing), and two other awesome chicas :)!!

After our desk-building friend spent so much time on that project for me and put together something else for my roommate too, and after all the work our young adults pastor puts in (dealing with us crazy chicas ya know ;> :D), we just had to take them out for dinner - and of course be sure to get a picture ... "i don't hang with the right people - i'm just lucky that i got good friends" (Mitch McVicker, "Upside Down")

New Year's night 2002 was quite an event for Baton Rougeans - not only did our own REAL Fighting Tigers of LSU go an hour down the road to trounce Illinois and win the Sugar Bowl, but - WE HAD SNEAUX!!! Being in this sub-tropical climate where it snows maybe once every 15-20 years of course we don't know how to drive in it or even spell it, and it was all melted by noon the next day, but still WE HAD SNEAUX :D!

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