Welcome to my special trombone page!!!! This page is here to talk about trombones and why they are so special. In other words:


Yes!!! Woodwinds made of wood crack if they get wet or change temperature too rapidly, and all woodwinds need to worry about reeds and pads and springs and mouthpieces and ligatures and...BLAH BLAH!! They also cost too much Strings,well they just get broken too easily, and they're too hard to control ( but they do BURN the best!!!!). Percussion... they're just loud (although they really help to get out anger!).

Other brass... well, euphoniums, trumpets and tubas are kind of cool, but french horns are just uncontrolable, and none of the other instruments can be so blaring, yet so mellow as a trombone(and they can't gliss!! WUHAHAHAHAHA!!!).

Hey!!! Check out this cool picture of a CONTRABASS TROMBONE!!

Trombone Appreciation Society

Do you want to join me in my quest to make the world realize that the trombone is the best instrument in existence????? If so, then E-mail me and tell about the contributions that you have made to the cause. Also tell me the name you would like to be referred to when we TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!! This will also be your member name until that does happen, and have no doubts, it will!!! My member name, as expected, is Tbone. Sorry, but I started this thing, so I get to use it. So, if you are a trombone lover, then join, and no harm will come to your family in the great war with the woodwinds!!

Well, that's all for now. This page is still, and always will be under construction. Coming soon!!! The list of protected names: the member roll of this organization.

Last updated, March 29, 1998.

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