The European Choir of Istanbul
(don't look for me, I am not on the picture !)
but if you really want to see what I look like, click this one


Links to my friends'Home Pages:

Rocket: see and download his Java applets

Sangokuu!: si vous avez des questions, il parle aussi le franšais

Ciro: he is a baryton. Look at there the opera of the month

Can: he lives in Turkiye, like me !

Hootch: she helped me a lot specially for the english translation of my main page

Here is a part by the European Choir of Istanbul that you can hear with Real Audio (if you wait for 3-4 minutes) : Click here now

Download RealAudio Player :

A.DVORAK - Stabat Mater :

V-Tui Nati vulnerati

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