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Musical studies:

György Sebõk never was my teacher. Certain conversations that I had with him so clearly changed my views concerning the piano, that I consider myself his student (Mr. Sebõk, forgive me!).

I'm very proud to consider among my "musical grandparents" (the professors of my professors) Cortot, Moszkowski, Ravel (V. Perlemuter's professors), Godowsky (K. Chitz's professor), Kodály (R. Sugár's professor) and Markevitch (A. Siranossian's professor).

Musical activities:

Currently, I give flute and piano concerts with my wife Véronique Csillag (who studied with Edouard Deuez, Philippe Boucly and Pierre-Yves Artaud).

Musical publications:

(You may consult a more complete list of my compositions)
  1. "Aspects mathématiques de certains modes de Bartók - Introduction aux modes invariants", in "Béla Bartók vivant", Bibliothèque finno-ougrienne N?2, Publications Orientalistes de France, 1984
  2. "A curious mathematical correspondence in Bartók's modes" (in Hungarian), in "Hungarians in the international musical life", Meeting in Budapest and Kecskemét, 30 July - 3 August 1987
  3. Illuminations for piano
    Editio Musica Budapest, 1988
  4. Gravels for solo flute
    Editio Musica Budapest, 1992
  5. Zodiac for two flutes
    Falls House Press, Nashua NH, 1995
  6. Sonatina for flute and piano
    Falls House Press, Nashua NH, 1995
  7. Esquisses traversières for four flutes
    Falls House Press, Nashua NH, 1995
  8. Conversations for two flutes and piano
    Falls House Press, Nashua NH, 2000
  9. Points Cardinaux for flute and piano
    Falls House Press, Nashua NH, 2000


You may wish to look at the schedule of concerts where my works are performed, or where Véronique and Pierre Csillag (flute and piano) perform.


May I suggest to you some web pages:

Don't hesitate to me any remarks, questions or suggestions.

Particularly, please let me know when you perform in public one of my works. Thank you in advance!

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