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My name is Robert Scicluna and I am 13 years old. This is my page of FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2000

Many Simulators involve war, fighters, etc. But none of them beat FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2000, with millions of downloadable aircraft around the planet, 3D accelerated graphics, and multiplayer flight in the INTERNET GAMING ZONE! Many Pilots use this simulator for their own training and profession. This game makes the word  "difficult" to the word EASY! Airliners, small propeller planes, gliders, helicopters, all are EASY to FLY!!!!!!! .The game..... IS AS REAL AS IT GETS! Note : The pictures below are the Airbus A340, Boeing 747 Lufthansa and the Bae-146

You might say... "Where can I find any downloads of aircraft?" Well the  answer to  that question is :-

1 > Go to www.simviation.com, or 

2 > stick around this page and download the planes!

This List of aircraft is below

Airbus A310-300 (157 KB)

Airbus A320-200 (504 KB)

Airbus A340 (617 KB)

Bae-146 (98 KB)

Boeing 737-800 (476 KB)

Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa (589 KB)

Cabair AA-5B Tiger (32 KB)

DHC6 Twin Otter Air Hokkaido (27 KB)

MD-80 Alaskan Airways (90 KB)

Piper Arrow (146 KB)

Air Malta's fictional Robinson R22 (264 KB)

U.S.A's F-117A stealth fighter(72.4 KB)

Air Malta's Boeing 737-300 (328 KB)

Beechcraft P58 Baron (60 KB)

Beechcraft King Air 350(168 KB)

Note: Some of these aircraft may need the aircraft converter, which can be found in www.microsoft.com, and all of these downloads are in zips, so  they can only be opened by WinZip. Some of them MAY work on Flight simulator 98, or Combat Flight Simulator .If you like icons, you would like the Aircraft icons

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