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Hi all you plane lovers, did you ever want a page on the internet that has all that you wanted to know?.Well I Steve,an 11 year old Maltese boy who has written this page will tell you about the First plane, A Second World War Plane,F-18,The Fastest Planes,A Seaplane,a 747 and Concorde. So enjoy your tour.


The first plane to fly

Wright Brothers' First Plane

The Wright brothers started to make their plane,by first makeing a kite model to test how their plane should be structured.They continued by makeing a glider kite which could only fly for 10 seconds. The first flight was on December of 1903 and a few months later the could fly for as long as an hour on the second flyable plane.



The spitfire was a plane that fought for the British (Malta). It was the best British fighter of its time.There are also several types of spitfire like :mark1 and mark2.There is a spitfire being shown here in Malta at Ta Qali aircraft Museum.



The McDonnell Dugles F-18 Hornet is a USAF supersonic fighter which can be built as long as 18.6 yards long , 13 yards across the wing-tips and will weigh up to 21 tons with a full load of fuel and weapons.The two turbofan engines, each produce 16,500 lbs of thrust.In flight, the aircraft is controlled by three major structures. Ailerons in the trailing edges of the wings hinge, one upand the other down, to make the craft roll to one side or the other. In the tailplane, elevators move up or down together to lower or rise the tail.


The first aircraft to fly faster then sound was a rocket powered aeroplane called Glamorous Glennis.On 14 October 1947 Chuck Yeager of the US Air Force flew the X-1, as it was officially known, at a speed of 1126 km/h above the Mojave Desert in California.



On October 1967 US pilot William Knight flew a rocket powered plane at a speed of 7274 km/h -nearly seven times the speed of sound.This aircraft, the X-15, could not take off from the ground and was carried aloft underneath a large transporter plane. When the transporter reached its maximum altitude, the X-15 rocket engines ignited and it blasted away to the record.Like Blackbird, the X-15 was built to withstand high temperatures generated at high speeds: its outer skin became 14 times hotter then boiling water during flight.The X-15 holds more then one record. Unlike jet engines, its rocket-powered engines did not need air to enable them to work.So the X-15 could fly much higher then jet aircraft, to the levels of the atmosphere where the air is very thin indeed. On 22 August 1963 the X-15 reached a height of 107,960m, a record altitude for any aircraft.


Supermarene S.6B

R.J. Mitchell's Supermarene S.6B was a racing sea plane, manufactured in 1931. The Supermarenes serious seaplane were designed and built to compete in the Schneider Trophy races. Beginning in 1912 and ending in 1931, the Schneider Trophy was intended to promote world navigation by seaplanes. It soon became a speed race: the ultimate value of this event to aviation was the development of high-powered, compact engines and streamlined airframes.



The 747 that took the skies in 1988 is a plane that is designed to fly long distances with 550 passengers and 17 crew. The aircraft can fly from for example from Germany to America nonstop that is about 13,000km. It is also the largest airliner that ever flew our skies.Today when someone goes abroad it is a very lucky experience to fly on a 747.



Concorde is the first supersonic passinger aircraft which could fly as fast as 2333km/h at a height of 18,000m above sea level. The Concorde was invented by the British and French who made about 15 Concords before having to stop the project because when it came to its supersonic speed, it made a sonic boom and people hated it. But Concords are still flying our skies although they have all the controls of 1970.


So, did you enjoy your tour?.If you have any comments contact me at the address below.

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