Articles on the Internet

Here is a listing of various articles on the Internet. All of these are not part of "Grinkov and Gordeeva's Place", they are the property of the publication that printed it. Happy surfing!

Ekaterina skating at the Hartford Tribute to Sergei

About the Hartford Tribute

World Class Skaters Honor Grinkov

Katya Pays Loving Tribute to Husband

She Was Not Alone -- The most touching article by Ed Swift.

About Sergei's Death

Olympic figure skater Grinkov dies during practice

This Isn't a Fairy Tale -- Sports Page

Skaters death stings Community

People Magazine - TRAGEDY: Grinkov

Shocked by Suddenness, Skaters Mourn Passing

Articles Regarding Ekaterina

Honolulu Star-Bulletin: Ekaterina in Stars on Ice

People Magazine - Katia, Oksana, Katarina, and Kristi

A Bittersweet Debut

Olympic Skater Writes A Book About Her Tragic Love Story

Sports Illustrated - Going It Alone - Another article by Ed Swift.

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