News and Notes

Last update 3 April 1998

Hello again, G&G Fans! The Olympics have ended, and Katia is well on her way back to concentrating on her professional skating.

Stars on Ice is out on tour again, check out their official website here. Katia is touring all over the US with her new programmes, and from the reviews, the show is full of playful flirting! There was an article in DANCE magazine recently about SOI, including a small picture of Kurt, Kristi, and Katia during the Elvis Presly number, "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You".

The skating season is starting to wind down, and I happened to tape as many Katia appearances as possible. (Yay!) "Battle of the Sexes" was great (I already reviewed that one on here), and I got to also watch Katia in the World Team Championships, and her much awaited movie, "My Sergei", based on the best-selling book she had written about her life with Sergei Grinkov. It included interviews with the Gordeevs, with several of their fellow skaters, and even bits of home movies.

Speaking of "My Sergei", Katia has also written another book entitled "A Letter for Daria", a book geared towards a younger audience, including many pictures of she and Daria. Ms. Gordeeva is also making several appearances around the nation at TARGET to sign her book, which is available at TARGET or at Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

Also at your local TARGET stores, a line of "Katia" fragrances and lotions has been put out on the shelves. The word is, the scent is light and floral, not overwhelming...probably a lot like Katia's personality!

I especially enjoyed the programs that Katia is skating this season. I'm hoping that Stars On Ice is going to come to Hawaii again this year...and this time, with Ms. Gordeeva!!

Well, that's it for this update...there will be more coming up!! Take care, until next time, Keep skating. :)