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European Tour: September 1998 - March 1999!!!

As I visited many sites (official and not) related to Singers, Bands and Groups, famous or not-so, I discovered that no informations were supplied about Angelo Branduardi. He is one of the few Italians known even out of Italian borders and maybe between them he is the most known, not only by normal audience. We have evidence that he is appreciated by other musicians too; the Canadian musician/singer/composer Loreena McKennit could listen some of his works when in Italy for her European tour. She was so impressed that she asked some of Angelo's CDs as source of inspiration for her next album, the 7th studio recording (it seems that it will be "italian-style"...). This rumor has been reported in a mailing list related to Loreena by the guy who sent her the CDs, who is one of the promoter of her Italian Tour.

Despite of this, very few information is foud on the WEB about Angelo Branduardi. In the booklet of his album "Camminando Camminando" there is the URL of an official site, but it onlky contained the "Work-in-progress" indication. After a couple of months the site vanished in a puff of smoke. Having asked to the provider I was told that "...the project has been cancelled."

This is why I decided to make it by myself, filling the vacuum with my personal contribution. I was captured by Angelo's music in 1976 (such a long time!) when he published his album "Alla fiera dell'Est". I love this music and I wish that my pages will be browsed not only by fans but even by other people who still don't know his music and (I hope) can learn to appreciate him.

I supplied audio samples of some song, not very long indeed, I think you won't like waiting data transfer for hours. The choice is my personal choice, I don't consider it the very best of Branduardi, maybe your opinion is different, but I don't care so much as I like every single not Angelo wrote. Have a Good Concert!

Anyone who browsing these pages will find mistakes, uncorrect informations or simply knows some news about Branduardi, his Tours and/or his recordings, please, contact me. Help me to keep this site up-to-date!
Marco Mazzoni -

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  • Some other site I discovered :

    Renato Vincenti "Unofficial Branduardi site" (English)
    Mattias De Smet Unofficial Branduardi site (Belgium) (English)
    French Site, very nice!

    Fan Line

    Italia: "Piccolo AB Club Amici di Angelo Branduardi"
    c/o Marisa Mantovani
    Via Saponaro 20
    20142 - Milano
    Tel. +39 - 2 - 8260207

    Germania: "Angelo Branduardi Friends"
    c/o Sandra Bloh
    Bocholder strasse 221
    45356 - Essen
    Tel. +49 - 201 66 18 30 (20.00 - 22.00).

    Sandra Bloh publishes a Fanzine (in French and German), "ABC - Angelo Branduardi Club".
    I wish to thank Monika Wegener who kindly sent me a copy from Switzerland!
    A big "Grazie" to Luc Debruyckere, from Belgium, that helped me with some English and French versions.
    Last but not least many thanks to Riccardo Venturi who sent me the Italian translation and analysis of Fou de love and the original Lyrics of the 2 Child Ballads which inspired Il Ciliegio and Ninna Nanna

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