Meet the Band Nerds

This page is just to let you know a bit about your friendly neighbourhood Band Nerds. It is just a little bit about each of us.

Adam Miller
Hi, I'm Adam, the resident sax player. I stand 5'9", 157lbs., brown hair, and blue-green eyes. I have a girlfriend that I love very much, named Jenn, some of you may know her. I am sixteen and go to Colonel By Secondary School in Gloucester, Ontario, which is essentially Ottawa. I used to live in Winnipeg, but moved here a few months ago. I am a tenor sax player, and I love jazz of all sorts except for free jazz (that doesn't really turn my crank), and then in classical I am a big fan of the Romantic and Baroque eras. Anyhow, this page was the original idea of Godin, and I would like to give her some due credit, and I would also like to thank ALL OF YOU for visiting this page and making it the success that it is. We wouldn't be anything without you guys. Visit my other pages, PLEASE!!

Michelle Godin
I'm Michelle Godin, a 17 year old pianist/flautist from Winnipeg, Canada. Most people call me by my last name, "Godin". So, if you see the name "Godin" being used on any of these pages, you can quit wondering, "what kind of a name is GODIN?!?". Anyway, I am heavily involved in my school’s symphonic, wind ensemble, and jazz band programs, as well as accompanying our vocal jazz group, Jazz Junction, and our honors choir program on the piano. Recently, one of my hobbies has become maintaining this page (with the others), and my homepage. You can visit my hopepage at:

Godin's World.-- it has its own chat rooms and links to over 130 other chat rooms on the web.

My personal thanks for visiting Band Nerds World! Remember, you feedback is essential in maintaining this page. If you have anything you'd like to add to this page, or say to us, e-mail us at

Jessica Zellers, aka tuba_woman
hi there, jess here. how should i describe myself? i'm a 16 year old tubist extraordinaire (and that is a gross mutation of the word "extraordinaire"), not to mention a mediocre trombonist and a sometime euphonium player. music is my life, and i enjoy math, literature, and computers, too. i appreciate humor and i always try to take time out to stop and smell the petunias. or something like that. to find out more, visit here and sign the guestbook (hint, hint.)

Lucas Pang
Well, what can I say, except that music is the second best thing that has ever happened to my life. I live in Winnipeg Manitoba, 17 years old and enjoying every minute of it. Although I'm a trombonist at heart, I also play the euphonium when playing the classical stuff. The jazz trombone is what I truly, without question, love and respect, maybe because classical trombone was never very popular. Besides music, I'm also a computer geek (big surprise), I enjoy the sport of curling during the long winters and bicycling in the summers. There are always too many things to do, too little time to do them, and I believe that you must do what is important to you. Trust yourself, always.

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