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The Human Resources Manager
Professional Credo
-- from Lithonia Lighting January 1, 1991

You speak with tremendous authority and impact -- every action you take, every word you speak or write has an affect on another human being.  No other professional in your company carries this responsibility.
You affect the lives of others -- you have the power to make another human being the happiest person in the world or to make them and their loved ones the most miserable.
You are talked about -- some action that you took today will be the subject of dinner or other conversation today or in the future.
You are observed -- no other professional is in the spotlight more than you.  You must be truthful in your statements, sound in your convictions and be above reproach in your actions.
You cannot complain in public -- any other employee can complain about company benefits, the food in the cafeteria, etc.  But you must be positive at all times and attempt to find a balance between the needs of the company and the employee.
You are the keeper of confidence -- you above all others in your organization face the task of not betraying the confidence and trust of others.  Their burdens are yours alone to carry.  In their success, you are the silent partner.
You are the example -- the thought, word and deed of the high ideals and excellence for which your organization stands.


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My Individual Research Papers

These are my research papers for my graduate courses at Georgia State University.  The papers are saved in Word format.  You will need Microsoft Word in order to view or save the documents.

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