Carlie's Personal Profile

I am: Carlie
A very fresh graduate of : The Sociology Department,
Chung Chi College,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
My religion: Christianity
My first day on earth: 12th March, 1976.
The day returning to Christ: 16th November, 1991.
Hobbies: Reading,
Writing letters and diary,
Listening to Music.
My favourite musicians:

William So (Hong Kong),
Leo Koo (Hong Kong),
Lois Kwok (Hong Kong),
Secret Garden (Norway),
Eagles (USA),
Harlem Yu (Taiwan),
J.S. Bach (a classical music composer).

Beloved animation characters:

Winnie the Pooh,
Precious Moments,
Mcmug & Mcdull,
Calvin & Hobbes,
The Little Prince.

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