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What is the classical guitar page?

Hi! Welcome to the classical guitar home page! Here you will find hard to find tablatures of classical music (Not necessarily classical, but to name it some way), recordings of them, tips on how to play them, etc. I hope you find useful this information. If you have any requests for classical pieces (Or any other) or have files you want to send me, send them to the email address shown above. Enjoy!!!

Guitar Tabs

This is the page where all the tabs are stored. All of them include the following information: Song title, song author, tuning, key, sample (if available), comments, who transcribed it, and the difficulty of the piece. There are some fields with ??? because I don´t have some of the information. If you can provide it, please e-mail me.

How to read tabs

Go here if you don´t know how to read guitar tablature.

Guitar Techniques

Here you can find information on advanced guitar techniques such as tremolo, tambora, harmonics, pizzicato, etc.

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About the page/Bibliography

This is an "info" page, how the page was done, where was the information taken from, etc...


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