To compile and present this legacy, we need the help of Tatiana Troyanos' many fans and friends. Troyanos left an incomplete recorded legacy, and many of her finest performances exist only in pirate versions. You can help us by letting us know what recordings and tapes you've seen and heard, and by sending us copies if you can.
You can e-mail us texts of printed matter you think will be helpful, and most of all, send us your recollections of Troyanos on stage and in concert, your favorite performances and moments, things you will always look back on, which we will make available here so that people in the future can have some idea of the part of Troyanos' legacy that is recorded only in the hearts of her listeners. We hope that this site can be a resource for future researchers, musicians and opera lovers.

This page is under construction. Assistance, references and comments greatly appreciated.

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