Before I started up CyberStyle Designs, I was looking around for a cheap Web Page Design Service for my band. But after months of searching, I found almost no one catering for small businesses and bands with a small budget. As a result, I took it upon myself to research web pages and find out what was fasionable and read hundreds of books on HTML programming. After a while I knew enough about the business to build my band's own web site. When fellow musicians in the industry saw the pages I was making, they asked me to help them design a web page. As time when by, more than friends were just coming to me for Web Page design help, complete strangers were asking me for help with their Web Pages. So, for two years now I have been running CyberStyle Web Page Designs, at first it was only myself, but now I have a few friends helping me out. Our aim here at CyberStyle Web Designs is to provide a cheap, yet professional web page design service, for Melbourne's Small Business and Small band community.