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Design Process, including programming Quote
Regular Weekly / Monthly Updates $30 p/h
Irregular Updates Quote
JAVA, Shockwave programming, etc Quote p/h
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When you call or E-mail for a FREE quotation, we will arrange a meeting or a phone call where we determine what you would like your web page to look like, and what you want to incorporate into your own web site. We will also determine if you want your web site to have it's own domain name ie. cyberstyle.com.au Once this is all determined, we will decide on the cost on designing, producing and hosting your web page.


Design Process
The design process involves the building of your web site. This cost involves the design process from beginning to end and also the process of putting all the design work into HTML programming. The time taken for this task varies, depending on the size of your page and also the detail involved,


Regular Page Updates
If you run a business or are in a band, you may find that you want to update your page every week or month to change event dates, prices, notify customers of a sale or simply just feel that your web page needs a monthly change. These changes MUST be done on a regular basis and in the end work out cheaper for you.


Irregular Updates
Irregular updates are updates which happen when you decide you feel your page needs a change, and they don't happen on a regular basis. NOTE: This price does not include a complete page overhaul.


JAVA and Shockwave
We here at CyberStyle can make your page fully interactive by adding components such as these. Because these programs take longer to incorporate and design than usual HTML programming, they cost a little more to insert into a page.