Gaelic Name:Ross
Motto:Spem successus alit (Success nourishes hope)
Origin of Name:Placename, Ross-shire
The name Ross derives from the ancient Celtic word "Ros", meaning "a promontory", in this case the lands of Easter Ross.

The clan is known to Highlanders as Clann Aindreas - the sons of Andrew. The traditional progenitor of the clan was Fearchar Mac an t Sagairt which is translated as "son of the priest". Fearchar was created Earl of Ross in 1234, for services to Alexander II.

The last chief of the clan Ross to hold the earldom died in 1372, having fathered no sons. His daughter tried to claim the earldom, but it passed to the MacDonalds of the Isles and subsequently into the hands of the crown in 1476.

The once proud Ross estate of Balnagowan became heavily burdened by debt in the 18th century and it was purchased by a lowland branch of the Ross family who, although bearing the family name, were genealogically complete strangers to the Celtic Earls of Ross. In the early 20th century the chiefship of the clan Ross was restored to the true line.

Well so there you have it my family history of which I am extremely proud I value it like none other! They failed to mention that the man by the name of Brave heart was the originator of my clan I am a warrior it's in my blood! I have my a picture of my family motto for you all to see here you go...
I am a firm believer in my clans motto because tis only the truth! It means that Success Nourishes Hope and is very true even in today's cynical and messed up society!

I am very proud of my family we come from the name McTaggart and I would not recomed messing with any of us broads from this family and just about basically my whole ethnic background. We're strong we're fierce we're warriors and well we're beautiful!! *g* Nah just had to add that in well now that you know of my family feel free to tell me of yours! *s* Just in case you were wondering what my family'sw tartan looked like I have included it just below this I will be getting my own personal kilt made out of this I am very proud of it awesome colors too! *g*

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