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Carozand is a fairly new affix in the GSD world.It came about when 2 people totally commited to German Shepherds decided on a new joint affix together. Although the affix was only registered in 1994 the affix holders Linda Kitson & Joe White have between them over 35 years involvement in the breed and prior to the formation of Carozand each held their own affix.Carozand is primarily a show kennel, although kennel is a bit extreme as all the the dogs live in the house.The affix came from 2 males owned by us Delcost Penny Black of Adnil, Caro and Zandro Vom Trompetersprung, Zand[ro].

Sadly we lost Caro on 1/11/96, just short of his 10th birthday. He had been ill for some time and was finally diagnosed as having a brain tumour. He was very special and will live on both through his progeny and in our affix. Caro was Breed Survey class 1 both through the GSD Breed Council and also having completed the German Survey under the SV judge Klaus Gothe. His breeding was Ch Meik von der Talquelle x Delcost Charity. Zandro is also Breed Survey class 1 both in Germany and in the UK under the GSD Breed Council. Zandro is by the German Youth Sieger Enzo Von Der Burg Aliso x Venja Von Noithausenerland, he came to the UK when he was 3 years old and he has just had his ninth birthday.Zandro has been confirmed by Dr Malcolm Willis as a 'hip improver'.

We hope you enjoy our site. Feel free to comment about it and offer suggestions, in the meantime try any of the links and have a good wander. flash One of our Carozand puppies has been creating a stir, to see why, click on the link for Gary on the menu below.

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