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I remember the first time I saw her live. A small girl wandered on stage in a plain dress, flat soled shoes, with a big guitar, no fancy decoration on stage just a stool , a piano and a microphone stand. Then she started to sing, that unique voice with a song that went straight to the heart. Pure Iris.

Iris Dement is a uniquely talented singer with the ability to take everyday emotions and subjects and make you feel moved.To date she has released three albums and l recommend every one of them wholeheartedly. Each has great songs but on each album there is a song that leaves you thinking why isn`t this woman a superstar - " My Town","No time to cry" and "Wasteland of the free". Her voice is like no other you have heard and whilst her songs may sometimes leave you a little sad but they also leave you feeling alive.Iris also appears on the recent tribute album "The songs of Jimmie Rodgers" singing "Hobo Bills last ride".The album also features Bono,Alison Krauss,Mary Chapin Carpenter and Dwight Yoakam. She also joined Dwight on the tribute album to Merle Haggard "Tulare Dust" a few years ago. She must have impressed the great man, she has since toured with him and he produced her third album "The way I should"

Produced by Jim Rooney
  1. Let The Mystery Be
  2. These Hills
  3. Hotter Than Mojave In My Heart
  4. When Love Was Young
  5. Our Town
  6. Fifty Miles of Elbow Room
  7. Infamous Angel
  8. Sweet Forgiveness
  9. After You're Gone
  10. Mama's Opry
  11. Higher Ground (duet with her Mother)

Produced by Jim Rooney
  1. Sweet Is The Melody
  2. You've Done Nothing Wrong
  3. Calling For You
  4. Childhood Memories
  5. No Time To Cry
  6. Troublesome Waters
  7. Mom And Dad's Waltz
  8. Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day
  9. The Shores Of Jordan
  10. My Life

Produced by Merle Haggard
  1. When My Mornin' Comes Around
  2. There's a Wall in Washington
  3. Wasteland of the Free
  4. I'll Take My Sorrow Straight
  5. This Kind of Happy
  6. The Way I Should
  7. Letter to Mom
  8. Keep Me God
  9. Quality Time
  10. Walkin' Home
  11. Trouble (Duet with Delbert McClinton)

All three albums are available on Warner Brothers. The first was originally released on Philo, a subsidiary of Rounder Records but WB quickly recognised her unique talent , bought her contract and re-released the album. To view a very fine Iris site, click on the picture of Iris in the garden

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