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This page is open to anyone who shares a love of the music of Dwight Yoakam. Any images, reviews and general ephemera will be welcome.

the god like figure that is Dwight

The tight trousered one has a new album "Under the covers" A couple of tracks previously appeared on his European release "La Croix D`Amour" but the rest are all newly recorded covers of songs recorded previously by artists as diverse as Glen Campbell and the Clash.After a long wait from the US release it was finally released in the UK on the 18th of August.An agonisingly long time but well worth it as the album is as excellent as one has come to expect from the man.Better and more coherent reviews than l could put together can be found on the Dwightsite.Sharon actually received a name check in the thanks section of the new album which all of us on the mailing list were overjoyed about,well deserved and thank you Dwight .He has also just released an excellent Christmas album called "Come on Christmas".This has not been released in the UK as yet,I somehow doubt it will be but if you manage to get hold of a copy you will find the effort more than worth your while. The good news is that a new album of original material will be released in the next couple of months, more news as and when I get it.

A slightly unusual view of Dwight, October 1997 at a booksigning in LA with my friend Gloria Lynn. And no doubt she will kill me for putting this image up. He was signing copies of the new book by Kinky Friedman, I really should ask someone why as the reason escapes me.Below is a picture from the same event taken from a more conventional angle.


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