Jan Carroll

Heather Deavers

Stacey Delcore

Amanda Fullan

Keith Hoffman

Matt Hoy

Crystal Johnson

Brad Maulucchi

Danielle Preston

Nancy White


People I know

Yishan Wong- an interesting site...good forums. 

Lethal Doses- a very funny online comic...go there. Its done by a housemate of my ex.

Ani Difranco
Dar Williams
Sarah McLachlan


Schools I've attended
Sand Creek Elementary (grades K-3)
Johnsville Elementary (grades 4-6)
Roosevelt Middle School (grades 7 & 8)
Blaine High School (grades 9-11)
Minnesota Center for Arts Education (grade 12)
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire (5 years of college hopefully)

My former employer
Ritz Camera

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