All I will say about the course is that anyone considering taking it should have a good foundation in German before going. From the beginning, it was almost total immersion in German. Even though all class members understood English, the teachers (who also knew English) instructed only in German. The cultural excursions were led by guides who spoke only in German. There were many of us in the class who were not prepared for that. Classes were in the mornings. Excursions were in the afternoons, although not every afternoon. On the afternoon of the first class day, we were taken on a walking tour of Schwäbisch Hall. We were led by a guide who spoke to us as if we were German. Most of us understood very little; some of us, nothing. And that's the way it was for the duration of the two weeks. They showed no mercy; they cut no slack. GERMAN ONLY!

That kind of total immersion probably works under some circumstances, but I think for this kind of limited-time situtation, it is not practical nor productive. It would have been much more beneficial (and enjoyable), if at least we could have been allowed to understand all the tour guides.

I don't regret the total experience. Being brought together with strangers from different parts of the world for two weeks to share in an endeavor like this was an adventure. We all got along and seemed to be having a great time. Some of us continue to stay in touch.


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