Front row, l to r: Paul Lemerle (France); Ted Wedemeyer (USA); Elizabeth Harwood (UK); Else Christoffersen (Norway); Frederike Siebert-Lux (Teacher); Tsuneko Yoshida (Japan); Fumiyo Hirose (Japan); Izumi Iketani (Japan) Back row, l to r: Don Streniawski (USA); Leonard Harwood (UK); Dorsey Hudson (USA); Ann Johanson (USA); Neil Becker (USA); Irene Lukasch (Teacher); Jessie Ternberg (USA); Sverrir Olafsson (Iceland); Pam Drinkall (UK); Youel Ben Shaqued (Israel)

This drawing gives a perspective of the Goethe-Institut's building which could not be rendered by a camera, because of existing obstructions. Running in front of the building, is Spitalbach, a narrow–yet busy–main street in the heart of Schwäbisch Hall. To the rear of the viewer of this picture are shops. On both sides of the street there are central bus stops where people board and change busses.

The building is U-shaped. The wing on the right contains the Institut's offices, media center, and most of the classrooms. The wing on the left houses the municipal library, some classrooms, and three apartments belonging to the Institut. To the rear, and out of sight, is a building which connects the two front wings. The cafeteria and some more offices are located there. The tunnel-shaped structure in the center is a covered waiting area for bus riders.


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