Looking across the river at Schwäbisch Hall

Another of the scenic views of Schwäbisch Hall

Izumi and Me in Apartment

Izumi and me at my apartment for tea during the morning class break.

At Dinner w/ Irene

Irene (teacher) with Jessie, Ann, and Pam at one of the class dinners.

Beg section of class

Frau Siebert-Lux's section of the German for Seniors Class.

Resting on excursion

Fumiyo, me, Tsuneko, and Ann taking a break while on one of the excursions.


Tsuneko, Neal, and Don at our final class
dinner the last night before everyone headed for home.

Cafe at the Platz

Sverrir, Izumi, and me, enjoying dessert
at a cafe at the Marktplatz in Schwäbisch Hall.

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