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John Gaasland		4/21/96

Wanted: a Zeiss Ikonta C, postwar. 

Marc James Small	4/21/96

Z20844 $225.00 Camera, Contaflex I MX, s/n A77557, ERC, recent overhaul
                       by Camera Paradise, E+, with 1.7x Teleskop,
                       s/n 1737253, and bracket, ERC, camera is E+,
                       Telskop is E

Z17925 $250.00 Camera, Contaflex II, s/n J9465, with 1.7x Teleskop,
                       s/n 2508616,  and bracket, ERC, camera is M-,
                       case has broken strap,  and Teleskop is E 

ZP1500 $30.00  Camera, Contaflex ALPHA, s/n M9968, w/2.8/45 Pantar,
                       s/n 3365718 and ERC 1274/24.  ERC is E- condition,
                       and camera does not  work --
                       mirror does not return, also cosmetic wear marks, 
                       therefore PR.

ZW9075 $200.00 Camera, Hexacon (Contax D) 88002 w/2/58 "Jena B" (CZJ 
                       Biotar) 4292602, all in E+ condition save camera 
                       is missing balance foot below lens mount.

ZP2000 $25.00  Camera, Icarex 35 BM (Chrome), Zeiss Ikon 10.2000,
                       no s/n, no prism, Cosmetically E- but broken,
                       so PR
ZU5000 $200.00 Camera, Ikoflex II 851/16 B16639 w/3.5/7.5cm CZJ Tessar
                       1733600, E

Z40000 $450.00 Camera, Chrome SL-706 T84893 w/1.8/50 CZ Ultron 7425646,

Z0100X $25.00 Close-up Lens, 40.5mm screw-in 0.5m Zeiss-Opton Proxar
                             916/0.5, aluminium, uncoated, FB, plastic
                             case, E+

Z00500 $20.00 Close-up Lens, 40.5mm screw-in 1m Carl Zeiss coated Proxar
                             916/1, E+

Z01000 $25.00 Close-up Lens, 40.5mm screw-in 1m Zeiss-Opton Proxar 916/1,
                             aluminium, uncoated, FB, plastic case, E+

Z01000 $45.00 Close-up Lens, 57mm push-on 2x Carl Zeiss Jena Distar,
                             s/n 213537, E

ZAF456 $20.00 Close-up Lens, 60mm screw-in 1,3m, chrome finish, FB, E++

ZPPPPP $25.00 Close-up Tube, 1:1 (TM), Zeiss Ikon 20.1657, E+

ZAD456 $25.00 Close-up Tube, 1:1 (TM), Zeiss Ikon 20.1657, FB, M

ZTTTTT $25.00 Close-up Tube, 1:2 (TM), Zeiss Ikon 20.1658, E+

ZAE456 $25.00 Close-up Tube, 1:2 (TM), Zeiss Ikon 20.1658, FB, M

ZQQ117  $5.00 27mm screw-in Ceneiplain Y2 filter, plastic case, E

ZQA600 $15.00 28.5 slip-on chrome 0.2m Proxar, plastic case, E

ZQB600 $15.00 28.5 slip-on chrome 0.5m Proxar, plastic case, E

ZQR117  $5.00 40.5 screw-in LIFA Dunst-filter (haze), E

ZQE317 $10.00 49mm screw-in B+W KR3 (81C) chrome filter, leather pouch, E

ZZ0000  $3.00 Filter adaptor, Ednalite #555 27mm Series V for Contaflex,
                              Contina, &c, FB, N

Z00140 $10.00 Flash attachment, Ikoblitz for AG-1 bulbs, E+

Z3250X $850.00 Lens, 25mm f/3.5/A0.15 Luminar, Zeiss 46 25 13-9902,
                     bubble, M

ZZ5500 $135.00 Lens, 4cm f/4.5 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar T, s/n 3313908, E/E+ (stiff
ZR5100  $75.00 Lens, 75mm f/3.5 ZO Tessar T 1044083 in Prontor-SV
                     1-300 shutter, E

ZXM500 $5,000.00 Lens, 9.5cm f/8.4 CZJ Tessar 238645, believed to be from
                       Zeiss Lens Collection, E++

ZF7500 $125.00 Lens, 115mm f/4.0 Pro-Tessar, s/n 4679459, in plastic
                     bubble, E 

ZG2000  $42.00 Lens, 135mm f/4.0 Tele-Tessar 4366937 for Contaflex 126,
                     Zeiss Ikon 11.1105, bubble, E++

Z18000 $225.00 Lens, M1:1 Pro-Tessar 2717650, Zeiss Ikon 11.1204,
                     w/741 ERC, E+

Z11171 $125.00 Monocular, 5x10 Mini-Quick, FB, warranty cards,
                          instruction sheets, M

Z01500 $45.00 Synchro-Cable for bulb flash, Contax IIa/IIIa BD, Zeiss 
              Ikon 1361, E

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