My group of 132 Peace Corps TEFL Volunteers arrived in Warsaw in June 1991. We were immediately split up into 3 training groups. My group trained in Piaseczno, a suburb to the south of Warsaw. During the 10 week training, I stayed with a family in one of the "American houses" on the outskirts of town, thus named since they originally housed the American workers brought in to construct a television factory for RCA. The parents, Edward and Taisa, are both engineers at this plant, which had recently been acquired by Thomson electronics. The two daughters, Jolanta and Dorota, were university students in Warsaw. They are a middle-class Polish family with a fantastic sense of humor and warmth who did their best to make me feel at home. Jola gave up her room and became "homeless" as she was shunted off to sleep with her sister or in the den. But since she was gone for most of the summer anyway, I didn't feel too guilty. This picture was taken at the end of summer training. You can see the results of an entire summer spent practicing that cherished Polish sport of Feed the American.


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