Curriculum Vitae

Fernando Rodrigo C. Romão e Alves da Silva
Born in Lisbon, Portugal, 1964/11/22


Finishing Power Systems Engineering (Electrotechnics - "strong currents") at I.S.E.L. (Lisbon).
Earlier studies on Electronics (2 years).

Graduated as "Tutor for Base Technicians on New Information Technologies" at Fundetec/I.N.E.S.C. (Lisbon), 156 days.
On the disciplines (theory and practice):
High Level Programming Languages;
Digital Systems;
Operating Systems;
Database Management Systems;
Distributed Systems and Telecomunications.

Courses on :
PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) programming (Siemens Portugal and Siemens Germany);
Informix-SE and Informix Online (V5.0) Administration (APIE and Informix Portugal);
Internetworking - Bridges, Gateways and Routers (Megasys - Learning Tree International) (LAN/WAN interconnection/interoperability);
Digital OSF1 Administration (Prológica);
Other small seminars and workshops by Siemens, Cisco Systems and Microsoft.
High Speed Networks and Frame Switching Solutions - Siemens, Munich, 1997 (Bay Networks).
Optivity LAN + Internetwork 7.2 for Unix - Bay Networks, Madrid, 1997.
3600 MainStreet Operation, Administration & Maintenance - Newbridge, Newport, Wales, 1998 (multiplexers).
46020 MainStreet Network Operator - Newbridge, Newport, Wales, 1998 (multiplexers).
MainStreet Small Muxes - Newbridge, Newport, Wales, 1998 (multiplexers).
Network Installation and Fault Identification I - 3Com, Milan, Italy, 1998 (Hubs + Switches).
Installation of Cisco WAN Switches - Cisco, Munich, Germany, 1998 (Stratacom Switches).
Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration - Cisco, Alfragide, Portugal, 1999 (Cisco Routers).
Installation and Maintenance of Cisco Routers - Cisco, Alfragide, Portugal, 1999 (Cisco Routers).
Advanced Cisco Router Configuration - Cisco, Alfragide, Portugal, 1999 (Cisco Routers).
Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting - Cisco, Alfragide, Portugal, 1999 (Cisco Routers).
ATM Technology - Alfragide, Portugal, 1999 (General ATM).
ADSL/VoIP Technology - Alfragide, Portugal, 1999 (General ADSL).
Cisco LAN Switch Configuration - Alfragide, Portugal, 1999 (Cisco Switching, Catalyst).
Centillion Switching - Comglobal, Portugal, 2000 (Nortel Networks, Centillion, ATM).
Accellar Advanced Configuration - Comglobal, Portugal, 2000 (Nortel Networks, Accellar Routing).
Spectrum Basic Administration - Aprisma, England, 2001 (NMS, com certificação SE).
Spectrum Advanced Enterprise - Aprisma, England, 2001 (NMS, com certificação SE).
Able to speak and write in both english and french. Able to understand (some) german.
Free from military service and with driver’s licence. Single. Aged 32.


Dealt with the following, user & administration:
Hardware Platforms :
MicroVax II, 750, 780 and Alpha 1000,2000,2100 (Digital); Sperry 1100; DN3000 Apollo Workstations; 80X86 PCs; Siemens PLCs; NCR Tower 32 500/700 and 3447/3430 (3000 series); Switching, Routing and Firewall over Cisco, Nortel Networks, 3Com equipments; Newbridge multiplexers.
Operating Systems:
VAX-VMS; Unix (Berkeley and System V); Digital OSF1; SCO Xenix/Unix; Linux; FreeBSD; Sperry Exec, Microsoft Windows (3.1, 3.11, 9X) and the lesser (and older) CP/M-86, C-DOS, MS-DOS and such.
Database Management Systems:
Vax RDB; (ISO) SQL; Informix SE; Informix Online (5.0); client-server connectivity over Microsoft’s ODBC (Informix Star); Microsoft's Access.
Programming Languages:
C; Pascal; Fortran; some Assembler (Z80, 8085, 8088/80x86); Informix ESQL/C and Informix 4GL (RDS); Visual Basic, and Delphi, with ODBC to Informix. Siemens PLC programming/networking/integrating with PCs , (acquisition, monitoring and control).Can also create HTML Web pages.
Ethernet 802.3, TCP-IP, PSTN, X.25 over private/leased line. LAN/WAN internetworking. Network Management solutions from Cisco, Nortel, HP, Spectrum. Integration and management of IP technologies HW/SW (hosts/services).
PCs, hardware and software.

Job History

1983-1984 ("Efalis"/"SS Alarténica")
Two twin firms with separate activities: elevator systems ("Efalis") and security systems (fire and intrusion - "SS Alartécnica"). First real work experience, design of small PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and electronics.
1987-1991 (Siemens S.A.)
Joined Siemens SA as a technical advisor/assistant, to the Automation Division (hence the PLCs).Design and often implementation of automation solutions with PLCs, PCs and Apollo workstations, on a variety of subjects and environments. Most enriching experience of diverse nature: Technical/Scientific (Siderurgia Nacional - Steel Traction Data Acquisition and Analisys; Raelme - Power Transformers calculation); Industrial Process Control (ceramics and cement/concrete); Comercial Management (Databases); Sports (Guincho Wave Classic); CAD/CAM (transformers and technical sketches). Attendance of a few exhibits in the quality of representative/demonstrator.
1991-1997 (I.A.P.M.E.I.)
May be streamlined to a few different phases, as follows:
1991 : Joined IAPMEI (public institute dealing with EC funding to Industry) as Systems and Telecomunications Administrator; being alone and in charge of these areas, provided for the 1st phase on IAPMEI’s nation-wide network; comprehending 4 distributed Unix hosts (Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra) linked by 4 leased + 4 private X.25 lines; additionaly X.25 access points (PAD) in Faro, Évora, Covilhã, Aveiro, Viseu, Guarda, Braga, Bragança, and Viana do Castelo;
1992 : Assumed Database Administration (Informix);
1992-1994 : Application analisys and coordination of a small development team (4 programmers/analists);
1995 : Second phase of IAPMEI’s network; hosts have been upgraded (Digital Alpha 1000,2000,2100) and applications ported; 8+ active Unix hosts;
1996-1997 : LAN evolution in Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, Évora (400+ active points), TCP-IP networks connected through Cisco routers (TCP-IP over X.25); constitution of a Intranet Server and (proxyed) Internet Gateway;
1997+ : Bring the remaining sites into the net and upgrading the comm lines to Frame-Relay.
1997-199? (Siemens S.A.)
Back to Siemens, Business Unit Network Systems - as a Systems Integrator. Project leadership, assistance, auditing, maintenance and commissioning of Core/LAN/WAN/Voice solutions, resourting mainly to Cisco, Nortel Networks and Newbridge equipments. Area is Enterprise (Data), where I have been able to provide for varying levels of service to a plethora of clients ranging from small-sized businesses up to large-scale institutions (services, industry, finance/banking, government, military).

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