Some General Information About Me...

I am currently a physician practicing Internal Medicine on Long Island. My interests include health/medicine, classical music, the theater, and generally exploring New York City. I went to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and did my residency at the New York University Medical Center.

I am originally from Hewlett (one of the "Five Towns"), located on Long Island in New York. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994, with a math major and music minor. How did I end up in medical school? Well, I planned to do both the math major and pre-med curriculum when I started out in my freshman year, and decided that, as much as I liked mathematics, it wasn't the right career for me. Perhaps the greatest appeal of medicine is the potential for using so much science for the direct benefit of other people. I find the job to be very rewarding when I can make positive difference in patients' lives.

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