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08/21/99 18:23:41
Name: Pixie, Max & Tori
My URL: Visit Me

we laughed, we cried, it was better than Cats!

05/04/99 05:39:25
Name: Jay Blumenstein My URL: Visit Me Residency Information: get some sleep, enough ice teas & capaccinos already
Classical Music: loved the updated quiz! Star Trek: liked the reference in cable guy NYC Tourism: where's tm
Starbucks Coffee: getting better--convenient midtown toilet

can you put some .wav or .mp3 files of the music that you are quizzing? also: can you put your recommended artists of those pieces? finally, WHO IS SAM BUMPERSON: i find your comments so rude and obnoxious. this is why the internet needs more censoring.

03/19/99 19:48:59
Name: Sam Bumperson My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Residency Information: not into that Classical Music: for yuppie scum Star Trek: darth vader can kiss my ass
NYC Tourism: visit the hookers all the time Starbucks Coffee: also for yuppie scum

Glad things have worked out for you in the medical field. It was a joy to read about your experience with placements, and I've learned a lot about star bucks and startrek in the process. This page is so cool it should be on AOL.

03/13/99 07:49:05
Name: Edward Chung My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Residency Information: None Classical Music: Love it. Didn't know about pop music until age 18. Star Trek: Never watched it. Never will. More of a "Star Wars" fan.
NYC Tourism: I'm from New York, jerkwad!!!!! Starbucks Coffee: I prefer a lovely herbal tea. :)

Good web page although I don't see what else you are constructing on the site. How did you like Einstein anyway? -ED-

03/03/99 23:06:50
Name: Jay Blumenstein My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Star Trek: i watched it last night
Starbucks Coffee: it sucks shit

nice page mike...i wonder if you'll read this... have you ever read isaac asimov's "foundation." it's awesome.

01/18/99 10:26:39
Name: Kindred
My URL: Visit Me
Home Page: Kindred's Front Door (book list)

great links!!!

12/11/98 20:39:33
Name: Lena Samuel
My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

I felt your web page was essential and I love the links!!! I have a few questions for you and would like to know if you could entertain a reply. I am a junior and am currently going through the medical school admissions process. I would like to go to m dical school in New York City. Can you please lend me some admissions advice? Did you know anyone at Albert Einstein before you got in? What things should I do that will hel p me get into a New York school? How did you prepare for the MCAT? Thank you in advance for your cooperation Keep up the good work..

08/22/98 07:52:29
Name: cl_kaulana
My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

I'm your community leader, just making my rounds, so to speak. Need help? Got a question? Just let me know.

06/30/98 23:53:23
Name: Karen Saul Miller, Ph.D. My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Starbucks Coffee: love it

what a comprehensive web page - i'm impressed -are you sure you are in medicine? where do you find the time? -Karen

11/16/97 18:36:50
Name: Jay Blumenstein My URL: Visit Me My Email: Email Me
Home Page: www.math.columbia.edu/~jayb Residency Information: Manhattan Classical Music: I like Rachmaninoff...just kidding! it's great i've not looked at it yet...
Star Trek: rock on! Star Wars: i think it needs a new motivator

Mike, it's you.

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