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The course will provided advanced training in the art of wind playing to students who have the necessary technical skills. During the semester, various works will be rehearsed for public performance. Additionally, the ensemble will read and/or rehearse other selected works in order to familarize students with a variety of styles and techniques and enhance their knowledge of the repertoire.

The main objectives are to develop the participants’ skills in ensemble playing, awareness of style, balance, phrasing, relevance of individual parts to the whole, and general musicianship which is necessary to perform successfully in a concert band or orchestra.

All members are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances unless specifically excused by the Conductor. Excused absences will be granted only in cases of illness or other exceptional circumstances. Three unexcused absences will result in the lowering of your grade by one letter. Two tardy marks is equal to one unexcused absence. Not being in you seat with your music, pencil and instrument at the sound of the tuning note is considered tardy.

a. Works to be rehearsed will be posted on the Orchestra Bulletin Board and/or announced at the previous rehearsal
b. Members are expected to arrive promptly and be ready to tune at the beginning of the rehearsal
c. Members are expected to be prepared with their music for each rehearsal
d. Members are expected to observe the conductor’s directions and comments carefully
e. Members may ask questions after the conductor has given permission to do so. Otherwise, members are expected to remain quiet and refrain from unnecessary comments when various sections are at work
f. Members are expected to treat each other with courtesy
g. Members are expected to read notices posted on the Bulletin Board and the web page so as to be informed of any changes
h. In addition to the regular rehearsals listed above, special sectionals or special dress rehearsals may be called. Again, it is vital that you check the Bulletin Board regularly

Each student will sign out music as needed. Each student will be responsible for his/her music and must bring all necessary parts to each rehearsal and performance. Music must be returned at the end of the year. Students who fail to return music will be billed via the college.

a. Promptness in attending rehearsals and performances, and seriousness of purpose in the performance on one’s assignment
b. Attitude, effort and improvement
c. Cooperation with colleagues and positive contribution to the ensemble
d. Attentiveness, responsiveness and ensemble awareness during rehearsals and performances
e. Preparation of the works scheduled for rehearsal and performance
f. Performance level and musicianship as demonstrated during rehearsal and performance
g. Completed Ensemble Evaluation assigned after specific performances

Special note: In evaluating the level of preparation for rehearsals and the level of performance during rehearsals as well as during concerts, the conductor will take into consideration the class year of each student. Therefore, the level of accomplishment expected from seniors and juniors is higher than from sophomores and freshmen.

Concert dress is dress black. MEN: black dress slacks, black button down shirts (banded collar accepted), black socks and black dress shoes
WOMEN: black skirt, dress or dress slacks, black blouse or button down shirt, black shoes

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Interested high school students must be active members of their high school band program and have the recommendation of their high school band director. Optional private lessons with Mount Music faculty will also be available to all that participate. First rehearsal scheduled for Fall of 1999.

Flexible chamber wind instrumentation of instrument pairs of flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, french horns, and string bass performing music written for three to thirteen musicians.

To join the Mount Chamber winds please contact Glen Tuomaala, Conductor prior to scheduling for MUS 120B (Tuomaala). Private lessons are also available to all musicians via the Department of Music for non-music majors.

Where in the world are the Mount Chamber Winds? Join us for our first concert of the season as we travel and perform music from across the globe.

An afternoon of popular chamber music selections with great ice cream for everyone. Fun for the whole family - a tasty afternoon of great music and great ice cream all rolled into one afternoon!

The sounds of all American chamber music combine with the award winning poetry of our special guest narrator Mr. Richard Hague.

Bugs Bunny and friends join the Mount Chamber Winds for mischief, mayhem, and great classical music arrangements for chamber winds. Special guest cartoon artist to be announced.

Help bring in the new millenium with an all 20th Century Concert featuring the world premier of a new work for chamber winds.

Historic lecture-recital of original Granger works with correct instrumentation of the United States Army Band at Fort Hamilton, New York for which they were written: Flute/piccolo, Oboe, 6 Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, 4 Saxophones, 4 Trumpets, 4 Horns, Baritone, 3 Trombones, 2 Basses, 2 Drums, Timpani

Performed on-campus at the Cincinnati School for the Creative and Performing Arts in downtown Cincinnati and combining musicians from the Mount Chamber Winds, the Cincinnati Chamber Arts Ensemble and the SCPA Wind Ensemble. Also featuring guest conductor Mr. Micah Ewing, Director of the SCPA Wind Ensemble.

The Mount Chamber Winds are pleased to announce a call for chamber wind scores for eight to thirteen instruments with flexible instrumentation and written for a difficulty grade of high school(3) to college level(5) musicians.

The Mount Chamber Winds will select a minimum of one and a maximum of three new scores for a premier performance on their New Music Concert scheduled for the Spring of 2000.

A Screening Committee composed of faculty members will select a minimum of five(5) scores that will be sent to the Mount Chamber Winds for a musical reading and rehearsal. The performing members and conductor will make their final selection based on the recommendations of the Screen Committee and their observations from the musical reading and rehearsal.

Submissions that are incomplete or are postmarked after the submission deadline of December 1, 2000 will not be reviewed by the Screening Committee.
Works which do not conform to the stated instrumentation cannot be considered
Composers may submit multiple works as desired

All submissions must include the following materials:

Please provide a cover letter with the following information:
1. Your name, institutional affiliation (if any), postal and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers
2. Name of the work submitted and any descriptive narrative about the piece as desired
3. Instrumentation and estimated duration of the work
4. Brief biographical statement, vita or resume
5. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish for your materials to be returned
6. One copy of the score (midi recording encouraged, but not required). The selected composer should be prepared to provide individual parts within two weeks if selected.

Scores must be postmarked no later than December 1, 1999 to be considered.

Cover letter and score(s) should be sent to:

Glen Tuomaala - Conductor, Mount Chamber Winds
Department of Music
College of Mount St. Joseph
5701 Delhi Road
Cincinnati, OH 45233-1669

Phone: (513) 588-6711 or (513) 244-4863