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The 'Join Fan Club' section was closed for a moment. I received tons of email and have no chance to update it. Sorry for the inconvenient.

Attention: I won't be able to update this homepage until the end of this year, because i'll be having an important exam soon. Sorry for the inconvenient. But promise i'll add mp3 songs, wallpapers... as soon as i get back!
Anyone who have summited any information please don't resummit & don't worry about it, i'll add you as soon as i get back.

Any webmaster who would like to link VHMP to their site, please go to Link VHMP.

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IMPORTANT: All ICQ Users please go to Join Fan Club for important updates!!
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Want to send a greeting card to some friends?? Well, check out this page, it has some Valen's pictures and songs too!! I don't know when will this page lasted, so go get it right now!
ne Greeting Cards BͶܡHH ֨oaII ]|h[C

Thanks to Lorraine for this!

Actually I'm kinda curious why you are a Valen Hsu fan, when was the first time you ever liked Valen, your favourites Valen song, etc...., please let me know via e-mail. I'll gather the results in Words To Valen with what you have said about her!

Discuss something with fans around? Well, leave your messages in Message Board.

(Write or leave your messages in Chinese style, English is also acceptable but prefer Chinese)

I want you to help this page.
I would like to keep this page healthy happy and growing for a good long time. But to do this I need your help! Hope you are willing to....

I'm always looking for contributions and suggestions to help this page better. If you have any information (even gossip), pictures, etc... about Valen you would kindly share with please let me know, e-mail and I'll add it to this page.

Thanks a lot.

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