MUSIC IS GOD three parts
1. confession:
(the father)
i admit it i am a music junkie..much like the heroin or crackhead down the alleyway. if i am separated from music for long periods of time there are withdrawl symptoms...1. i become horribly cranky...2. violent shaking..3. catatonic state followed by hightened awareness of my senses leading to light and people sensitivity. its not a pleasant thing to witness or to take part in
2. obsession:
(the son)
my musical obsessions change daily..luckly my resources allow for this. my latest obsession is switchblade symphony (i caught them in concert and was blown away) i have been known to be caught with stabbing westward in my player...i love records (my personal fave is electric hellfire club, the halloween orange vinyl), christian death is a lovely band but i can only stand it if the wonderous rozz williams is singing (r.i.p. rozz) virgin prunes are a great choice not for the weak of heart though...placebo had a nice ring to them...i love so many bands i cannot even begin to name them...i love kmfdm, skinny puppy, my life with the thrill kill kult, orgy, the list just keeps on going..but i have a softer side of music...i learned a deep appreciation of classical music during my years in band has not left me and i still can jam to vivaldi, bach, dvorack, and mozart......words, sounds, meanings, contradictions, music is god.
me at a stabbing westward show
3. vindication
(the bastard child)
to anyone who reads this i confess my sinful lust for music. yes i love it, i live it, and damn it, i like it..heeheehee. i encourage all i meet to enter the sweet corruption of music..most already have..i have served my purpose subject
take me back to the zoo mommy its scary here