Casino Center
This site is billed as the most comprehensive casino gamining site on the Web. Net addicts beware! You may find another hook to snatch onto. This site links you to virtually every gambling related site around. This also includes tips, strategy guides, and rules.

The Heat Network
This Sega site is an online gaming network site with an edge. The online games on this site are currently free. Some games to choose from include: Quake and Red Alert, as well as Scud, Zombie Island, and Ten Six. All games, however, require java, Shockwave, and a plug-in called Katalyst.

STALS.COM- Ultimate Duke Nukem 3D Site
An extremely funny, politically incorrect game for the PC. Here you'll find a bunk of hints, cheats, tips, maps (300+), and downloads. Enjoy!

Gameworld Internet Club
Not my cup of tea, but I'm not gonna discriminate. This one's for those gamers that are into that Magic.

This site provides cheat codes, screen shots, catalogs, and plenty of other links for CAPCOM games.

LucasArts' provides game previews, factsheets, FAQ's, an online company store, downloads, and demos.

Running With Scissors
"This site contains content not approved for consumption by children, senators, religious leaders and/or easily damaged pysches," says the warning on this site. I dunno, check it out.

"No joke. This stuff is sick and vile." This 18-and-over site is dedicated to one of most gratuitously bloody video games on the market to date. This site gives tips and even a "comic" book.

The Space Bar

Just a couple of brochures from this game co.

Just like the magazine, with a few interactive features such as a chat, a demo, a poll, and prizes.

GamPro Online
Another mag. online site

Word Play
Do you like to play with words? There are many types to choose from. Be my guest and please come back to my home.

Mind Games
Women feel at home; men feel like they're on a date.

The Official Scrabble Homepage
It's gotta online game, a history section, and a store.

MacNamara's Band Inc Crossword Puzzles

James Burke Mystery Connections
From TLC series. The last person to solve all these was Carl Sagan, so that should show you where you stand on accomplishing that feat.

Anti-Monopoly: Next Generation Monopoly-Type Game
The original version of the hit game

The Realm
Sierra's online multiuser domain (MUD).

Drinking Games
Here's a game(s) for dem frat boys! Not a very sobering site, I may add.

If the last site didn't blur your senses (or at least your eyes) enough, try a dose of this.