Maestro's Top Ten Links

  1. ESPN's Sportszone
    ESPN Baseball Page
    The ESPN Chatter
  2. Doctor Ozone
    In search of backgrounds/wallpaper, and various buttons and bars for your homepage? Then come to the master, Doctor Ozone.
  3. Underground music site
    A great place to find an obscure tune . . .
  4. Granddaddy's
    Not mine, but this ole' fart has some links that may set you in the right direction, depending on how you look at things.
  5. The Movie Sounds Page
    A cool site to find the quotes and sound clips you've been looking for.
  6. TV Guide
    What's on the tube?
  7. Midi File Central
    Has music midis and hilarious t.v. midi's that will bring ya back to the past.
  8. Gifs . . .
    A plentiful supply of gifs for your homepage
  9. Java Scripts
  10. You Don't Know Jack!
    A great game for you egomaniacs out there that think you know everything. And an even better game for the few that know a lot about nothing.

    You can also search below if nothing above strike you.

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