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Welcome to my MIDI page.

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Hi! Welcome to my MIDI page, what is on the following pages is a sample of the midi files I have collected from browsing the WWW. These files are, what I consider, to be the best midi files I have found so far. You will need a plugin to play these files directly from this page. One such plugin is Crescendo.If you don't have a wavetable soundcard you downloadYamaha or Wingroove plugins, these will increase your sound cards quality whilst playing midi files through your browser.
Please E-mail me if you find any broken links, thanks.
Current News

New Update .
15th April 1998 
  • Added a sorted by artist page to the Pop MIDI files. I will add the same to the Rock section soon. 
  • Added the following MIDI's to the Pop section: Madonna(Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, La Isla Bonita and Papa Don't Preach), Los Del Rio(Macarena) and Tom Jones(Delilah). To the TV section I added the Murder One theme tune. 
New Update .
12th April 1998 
  • Re-designed the main page layout and colour scheme, please tell me if you like/dislike it.
  • Added a few new midi files.
  • Added MIDI links and Misc links section.
Major New Update .
11th April 1998 
  • Major Update of the page. Added a lot of new MIDI files to the page (due to the fact geocities gave me an extra 3Mb of space :) ).
  • Added new graphics for the pages.