The Final Exam

Alefian Thelanthra and his master Leurocian Malnagrane walk for what seems like miles until they come up to a 500í clearing that is surrounded by a thick and overgrown forest. The summer breeze gently brushes across their faces, and the afternoon sun bathes them in a warm and pleasant light. Finally, the two of them stop to catch their breath.
"Well, Alefian," Leurocian says to his student. "Here we are."
"The land here is beautiful, master, but why are we here?" Alefian replies.
"It is time to see if you have reached the final level, Alefian," Leurocian looks at his student and smiles."Time to see if you pass your final exam."
"Final exam," Alefian ponders. "I see..."
"Are you properly prepared, Alefian?" Leurocian says firmly.
"Yes." Alefian looks down at the glowing white band that fits around his body like a sash. Leurocian eyes Alefianís sash and smiles.
"I see that you are ready." Leurocian begins to walk away from Alefian until he gets roughly 60í away from him. Occasionally, birds fly by and soar high into the air, but in moments all becomes quiet. The two sorcerers size each other up for what seems like an eternity. Alefian realizes that the day has finally come to face his master in a mortal spell duel. He remembers hearing that his master had to spell duel his brothers in order to rise in level and finally become an archmage. Of course, Alefian also remembers hearing that Leurocian had to spell duel his mother Malifnae and the other witches. To this day, his master, Leurocian has NEVER been defeated in a spell duel. This would truly be Alefianís ultimate test in the Art.
Suddenly, an owl screeches in the distance, and the spell duel begins. Alefian with but a thought releases one of the spells contained in his sash, and he mentally channels the stored magical energy to render himself invulnerable vs. all raw energy attacks with his lightning reflection magic. A few seconds later, another magical abjuration embraces him with Mystra's kiss and renders himself invulnerable to an anti-magic shell.
On the other end of the battlefield, Leurocian unleashes two of the spells out of his Algarthís embattlement, The first one cloaks him with invisibility while creating an illusionary double of himself; in addition, the embattlement imbues him with the ability to fly. After Leurocian completes his flurry of spells, he begins to invisibly float into the air about 90í off the ground.
Alefian eyes in front of him and behind him without even moving his head for he has his Mordenkainenís encompassing vision spell in effect. Momentarily, Alefian looks up in the air, touches his chest, utters the word "Estriel", and invokes his tattoo of power. He scans all around with his true seeing looking for true location of his master. Instantly after the true seeing spell comes into effect, the Mordenkainenís encompassing vision fades for other magics cannot augment the anti-magic properties of true seeing in any way. Lastly with but a thought, he turns on his persistent anti-magic shell, and in union to the triggering of the anti-magic shell, Alefianís spell invulnerability spell that he invoked earlier renders his personal magic immune to its anti-magic effects.
Practically at the same time, Leurocian hovers in the air, touches his chest, utters the word "Autumn", and invokes his tattoo of power. With but a thought, Leurocian directs the energy of the tattoo to also render him invulnerable to an anti-magic shell. Furthermore, upon utterance of the word "Autumn", his contingency spell triggers his anti-magic shell spell, and his spell invulnerability spell renders his personal immune to its anti-magic effects. The illusion of Leurocian that was created by his mislead spell sits down and begins plucking on his lute. This illusionary Leurocian appears oblivious to his surroundings. Alefianís true seeing spell reveals this Leurocian to be an illusion. In the air, Leurocian smiles to himself as he seems pleased that Alefian is using his true seeing magic.
Focusing his vision further upward, Alefian notices that his true seeing nullifies upon contact with a certain area of the sky high above him (roughly 90í). Seizing the opportunity, Alefian unleashes another spell out of his sash. Slowly, a shimmering force begins enveloping Leurocianís anti-magic shell. The barrier reaver creates an opening through Leurocianís anti-magic defense.
Voluntarily, Leurocian turns off the shell realizing that if he does not, he will receive damage from the barrierís force like energy when it closes. Leurocian immediately follows up by triggering his chain contingency spell. He utters the command word, "Derenavier", and about a second or so later, a small oval blue light appears over Leurocianís head immediately following with seven magical orbs that instantly appear and float above his head in a ring about five feet in diameter.
Alefian channels his fly spell and begins floating into the air. Now, he also is about 90í into the air, and the two of them are still about 60í away from each other. With but a thought, Alefian unleashes yet another spell from his sash before Leurocian can react. A 90ídiameter light immediately encompasses the area and surrounds Leurocian. Earlier when preparing his memorized spells, Alefian imbued his sphere of wonder with a special magic which he dubs as Alefianís dweomer invulnerability. For this particular casting of the dweomer invulnerability, its magic renders his sphere of wonder immune to the rare and wonderful spell known as spell invulnerability, just in case his Uncle rendered himself spell invulnerable to the sphere's effects.
As the sorcerersí inner will and command of the weave test each other, Leurocian discovers that the sphere of wonder takes effect upon all of his wards and in-effect dweomers. Immediately following the sphere of wonder, the blue oval light above Leurocianís head collapses emitting a slight audible popping sound as well as the seven magical orbs that were swirling around him. Leurocian immediately falls to the ground lifeless as his fly spell dissipates before his eyes. With but a thought, Alefian releases the sphere of wonder and shockingly discovers that his Uncleís spelltrap and seven eyes have permanently dissipated. The sphere of wonder never dispels magic. It only prevents all but one type of magic from functioning within its area of effect. Was his Uncle dead?
Concentrating to himself with silent act of will (thanks to the Jarlatanís miraculum spell that eliminated the verbal component for his wildfire spell), Leurocian invokes a barrier reaver spell of his own. Slowly, the reaver begins enveloping Alefianís persistent anti-magic shell. The reaver creates an opening through Alefianís anti-magic defense.
Voluntarily, Alefian turns off the shell, for he also realizes that if he does not, he will receive damage from the barrierís force like energy when it closes. His master was "playing dead". Alefian sighs with relief, but the battle was not over yet...
Both sorcerers begin to breath heavily, as the spell battle has already taken its toll on both of them. Hovering in midair, Alefian watches his master with his true sight. Leurocian looks at his student and smiles while he subconsciously begins invoking a spell. Alefian knows he has to act fast. With but a thought, Alefian unleashes another spell out of his sash, a beautiful human orb about the size of his head. Its pupil is a very dark, blue, and its lashes are long and black. Leurocian freezes momentarily as he realizes the spell that Alefian is channeling against him. Eye of Mystra. A spell only enjoyed by the true servants of Mystra. Without warning, the eye bends its gaze, and a visible ray of cold blue light as large as the eye, leaps out from it and toward Leurocian. The cold beam envelops Leurocian, as he can feel all of his magic being removed from his person. Furthermore, spells immediately begin disappearing from his mind, one by one, until they are all gone. Only one magic remains dormant on his person. Leurocian stumbles to the ground while heavily breathing in exhaustion.
After gesturing softly to himself, Alefian floats down and begins to walk over toward his master. Leurocian looks up from the ground at his student. His smile is radiant. For the first time, Leurocian has truly felt like his teachings have paid off even if they mean losing his undefeated title.
"Did I pass the exam, master?" Alefian triumphantly asks.
Leurocian grins. "Always have a contingency, Alefian." Leurocian replies.
An instant later, Leurocianís famous spell reflection spell unleashes the eye of Mystra as it tries to alter reality and smite Alefian. However, the witch spell that his mother, Malifnae taught him counters the spell reflection and redirects the eye of Mystra back at his Uncle!
Touching his leg in a last ditch effort, Leurocian says the word "Alustriel" and instantly calls upon another one of his tattoos of power. Within the twinkle of an eye, Leurocian is enveloped in a field of wild and chaotic energy. The eyeís beam hits the wildshield and penetrates it! Yet again, Leurocian feels the beams icy cold touch as it rapes him of the rest of his spell protections and memorized magics. This time Leurocian has truly been defeated, and his wild magic has finally failed him. If only it could have absorbed one more spell level!
For over two millennium his title stood, but not any longer. This was truly a great day. Involuntarily, Leurocian holds his student as the two of them weep together in ecstasy.
"You have passed the final exam, Alefian." Leurocian says with moist eyes.
"Thank you, master." Alefian softly replies.
"What can I do for you?" Alustrielís familiar voice says in Leurocianís mind. Apparently, she heard Leurocian speak her name. Leurocian gazes upon his former student and speaks once more,
"There is a light inside the darkness that glows with a celestial, iridescent, radiance. Ever bright and full of selfless love, and that light has a name...Alefian Thelanthra."

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