A Song Mage's Swan Song

"How could you?!" The Simbul says to the song mage with blood curdling rage.
"You have betrayed Silverymoon with this blasphemy...associating with a Thayan!"
"He is my father..." Alefian says calmly.
"Your father," The Simbul scowls. "Is a ruthless bounty hunter who has slain countless numbers of Harpers for profit and for sport. What do you have to say about that?"
Momentarily, Alefian looks down feeling that there is some truth to The Simbul's words. Holding his head up, he gazes into her eyes and replies.
"I am sorry if he has hurt anyone in the past in the manner that you have spoken, but he is still my father, and I love him. I have already done a lot of good for him. I see good in him. I can help him..."
"You can help him!" Alassra stands up from her throne enflamed with anger.
"You can help him! You are a disgrace and a traitor to Silverymoon and to the Harpers. Your sentence is death, and I shall deliver this sentence personally through the art of magic tomorrow at dawn!"
"My lady," Alefian says. "I respect you, and I admire you. I don't want to hurt you..."
The Simbul smirks. "I can see that your father's Thayan arrogance has already rubbed off on you. Children, search him."
Several of The Simbul's children garbed in their elegant emerald robes surround Alefian and frisk his body while other children divine him for magical dweomers. After a few moments, one of the children speaks.
"We only found this."
Alexia holds up an exquisite emerald green crystal.
"I detect no magical dweomers on it my queen, but he does have several wardings..."
"As any resourceful mage should..." The Simbul replies.
"My lady," Alefian says. "The gem was given to me from Mystra. She gave me her kiss through this gem. At least if I am going to die, may I keep this tonight? Her kiss means everything to me..."
The Simbul ponders momentarily and then responds with a faint smile.
"All right, song mage. Keep her kiss and remember her warm embrace. I am sure that you have plenty of spells in memory. You will need them for tomorrow..."
With that, the children escort Alefian to the dungeons...

At dawn, the children escort the young blond haired song mage to The Simbul's spell testing chambers. The Simbul with but a gesture orders her children to leave the chamber. Almost instantly, the children slowly fade away out of view.
"Are you ready, Alefian?" Alassra says in a very even tone.
Weakened from the embattlement that he invoked the night before, Alefian only responds with a nod.
"This hurts, Alefian, but I have no choice...you are a Thayan and a traitor."
Alefian touches his chest with the emerald crystal hoping that Mystra will guide his destiny. With but a single word of incantation, The Simbul unleashes one of her famous spell triggers. The first spell envelops Alefian with a torrent of dispelling energy. While her dispelling magic would normally dispel any mortal's magic, the song mage apparently has an innate immunity to such anti-magics. The second spell assaults him with a bolt of lightning and passes through him with no effect. The Simbul is famous for her chain lightning magic. Alefian's absolute immunity warding apparently has rendered him invulnerable to her electrical assault. With the third spell, The Simbul attempts to enfeeble his mind. The enchanted energy is blocked by some mind protecting magic. The final spell begins forming a cluster of winking, pulsing lights that resemble stars in the night sky, grouped in the shape of a two-handed sword of the largest size.
Knowing that he has to act fast, Alefian summons the mystical energy out of his emerald crystal embattlement and brings a 90' diameter sphere of magical radiance into the area of effect. Suddenly, magical wardings and protections instantly begin to fizzle from The Simbul's person, and the sword of stars instantly fizzles as quickly as it appeared. Before she can react, a second spell begins to pull at her mind like the strings of a puppet.
"Please, my lady, let us stop this fight." The song mage solemnly says as he begins walking over toward her.
"Let us go together to a place where we can talk."
The Simbul begins violently shaking as her hair responds to his geas in anger. The magical geas appears to have a hold on her. Acting through instinct, Alassra summons the silver fire to banish the song mage's magical compulsion.
Realizing that his geas has been banished, the song mage summons more mystical energy from his embattlement. Alefian's hand begins to glow and he lunges to touch The Simbul. In moments, Alassra begins dancing, complete with feet shuffling and tapping. Almost instantly in concert, magical song energy emits from the embattlement and magically holds The Simbul in place.
Knowing that she cannot move, The Simbul realizes at the moment that she is virtually helpless and apparently defeated.
"I could have slain you my queen," Alefian says. "And yes, I have Thayan blood flowing through my veins. But I refuse to hurt you."
With but a thought, the sphere of light diminishes and the song mage begins to walk away. In anger and humiliation, The Simbul transforms herself into chain lightning as a last ditch effort to mortally wound the song mage. After the bolt passes through him harmlessly, Alefian looks in horror as he sees an electrical meteor smite him. With a blinding flash of electrical energy, all becomes silent, and The Simbul realizes that she has let her temper get the best of her once again, but this time it probably caused the death of Silverymoon's most loved song mage and teacher, Alefian Thelanthra.

"Who the heck said I was dead?! I am alive, father. Funeral?!" Alefian says to his father as he stumbles into the castle. "The Simbul is mighty, father...good thing I triggered my transforming tune magic when I did...I am sure glad I learned protective healing magic." The song mage smiles faintly, but then remembers that Aglarond is in danger unless he clears up this misunderstanding for he knows that his father and mother are not as forgiving as himself.

This is the spell that Alefian used on his Algarth's embattlement to render it invulnerable to his sphere of wonder. The reason for this is that the embattlement is Alteration magic, and the only spells, spell-like effects, or magic items that could function within the sphere of wonder's area of effect were from the school of Enchantment/Charm.

Alefianís Dweomer Invulnerability (Abjuration)
Level: 9
Range: 0
Component: V,S
Duration: 1 round/2 levels
Casting Time: 1 turn
Area of Effect: 1 memorized spell
Saving Throw: None

This spell is probably Alefian Thelanthraís "Magnum Opus" for it renders one memorized spell completely immune to one spell, spell-like effect, or magical item for the duration of the dweomer invulnerability spell. The spell, spell effect, or item is chosen at the time of the spell. Like with the 9th level spell invulnerability spell, when describing a particular spell or spell effect a full description (level, priest or wizard, and spell name) is necessary. Once the sorcerer invokes the "protected" spell, the duration for the dweomer invulnerability begins. After the duration of the dweomer invulnerability expires, the "protected" spell may be affected normally by the spell, spell like effect, or magical item that it was formally "protected" against. In the case of a "protected" spell having a shorter duration than the dweomer invulnerability, the dweomer invulnerability expires when the "protected" spell's duration expires. Only one dweomer invulnerability spell may be in effect at one time; if a second is cast, the first one (if still active) is canceled. Unless otherwise stated, this spell is identical to the 9th level spell invulnerability spell.

Special note: This spell can only protect a spell from being affected by a spell, spell-like effect, or magical item with 100% probability if the two magical entities in question were both invoked by the caster. If this spell is used to hurl offensive magic and make it invulnerable to another wizard's magical defenses or if this spell is used to render a spell invulnerable to another wizardís magic, then the chance of success is equal to a dispel magic check (11 or higher on d20 +- level difference of the two wizards). Furthermore, if this spell is used to make a magical ward or barrier (such as anti-magic shell or prismatic sphere) invulnerable to an enemy wizardís magic that can possibly negate the "protected" ward or barrier, then the same dispel magic check is applicable.
For example, Alefian Thelanthra, a 19th level wizard casts dweomer invulnerability on his memorized great shout spell and decides to make the great shout invulnerable to the 9th level wizard spell, prismatic sphere. Alefian encounters a witch named Alexia, another archmage (level 20), and faces her in a wizardís duel. Alexia conjures a prismatic sphere to shield herself from Alefianís magic. However, Alefian decides to invoke his "protected" great shout. Since the prismatic sphere was not conjured by Alefian, he only has a 45% chance (11 + 1 because Alexia is one level higher than Alefian) of breaching Alexiaís prismatic sphere with his great shout spell.
Here is another example. If Alexia were to use true seeing on Alefianís project image spell (assuming that the project image spell is currently "protected" from the 6th level wizard spell, true seeing), then Alefian would have the same 45% chance to effectively "protect" his project image spell from Alexiaís true seeing spell.
Alefian Thelanthra has been known to use this spell in concert with the following spells: Any spell that would normally fizzle in a sphere of wonder (immune to the 9th level wizard spell, sphere of wonder), any illusion or certain alteration magic (immune to the 5th level priest spell, true seeing or the 6th level wizard spell, true seeing), an anti-magic shell (immune to the 6th level wizard spell, barrier reaver or the 9th level wizard spell, black blade of disaster), etc.

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