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 I come from Singapore. Little island off the coast of Malaysia. Some sites where you can get more info about us folk :-

Singapore InfoMap First time tourist? Good site to look at.

new sintercom. Interesting discussions about Singapore by Singaporeans.

Asia One. Find The Straits Times and The New Paper here. Look out for TNP's Journey of a Lifetime series (er, unfortunately, now dead).

The Lim Hsin Hsin Art Museum - take a peek in this quirky museum.

 My Family lives in a little house in the middle of Singapore. See some of my sister's photos of her study trip to Europe here.

Some people think one's education shapes one's life irreparably. I spent 4 wonderful years at Raffles Girls' Secondary - an all-girls' secondary school and an excellent place to grow up in (to all 4/10 girls out there - HI!).



I am a Christian, and am currently attending Adam Road Presbyterian Centre (used to attend Bt Panjang Methodist Church where I banged away on the piano for worship). J

I was involved in Varsity Christian Fellowship at NUS, it's part of the Fellowship of Evangelical Students. I spent 4 rather enriching years in various cell groups, and helped out in the International Friendship Group as well.

Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Singapore

IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Adrian's Page (this is a friend's page with quite an impressive list of links)


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