These pages give you a little indication of what I enjoy doing outside of my regular routine. (I'm hoping that you, the avid reader, is still interested of course. ;-))

You could say I like music a lot. I can't give you a discourse on the co-relation between Bach's fugues and complex mathematical formulae, but I could give you an introduction to J.S. Bach (1685-1750), music genius of the 18th century. I bang away at the piano when I'm free, and I did attempt to learn the violin for two years (until the working bit got in the way, see previous page). My teacher laughing (at me) during lessons did not help matters much. I tried the guitar when I was 13, gave it up the next year. Am somewhat regretting that now, since I harbour hopes of having some latent acoustic guitar strumming skills. Also did the recorder thing in primary school. I still dream of the day I'll be able to play something properly.


I listen to CCM - short for Contemporary Christian Music. You will be surprised at how fresh some of these bands sound, and I think it's a good way of showing how one can make music that praises God and yet remain relevant to people today. Christianity is not mired in medieval times. :-)

Visit CCM Online - a webzine that keeps me informed of CCM's going-ons. Or read The Lighthouse Electronic Mag. (it's been closed though). See CCMusic too - it's got some discussion groups on CCM.

Favourite CCM artistes -

Jars of Clay - They've come and gone; went to their concert on 24th Jan 1998 and it was great. :) You can see some pics of them here .

Caedmon's Call Michael Card

Small Town Poets

Other artistes I like listening to : Twila Paris, Carolyn Arends, Sarah Masen, and Chris Rice. Chris Rice is one amazing singer. Hear the Awakening compilation too.


I love classical music as well, and am trying to learn more about jazz; so far I think I like Dave Brubeck, Oscar Petersen and old swing standards. (I recently realised that swing was suddenly hip. Hoho.) Collecting CD's comes along with the territory so that explains why I'm fairly broke every month and running out of space in my room - I've absolutely no idea where to store them.

Some of my favourite discs -

Argerich - Rachmaninov's 3rd Piano Concerto, Philips.

Nathan Milstein - Bach's Partitas and Sonatas, EMI.

Ian Bostridge, Graham Johnson - Schubert's Die Schone Ṃllerin, Hyperion.


Some sites to visit :-

Classical Net - a guide to classical music for beginners.

The JS Bach Homepage

Some Violin Links - it's a little short on detail, but the list is huge.

WGMS 103.5FM a Washington music station with good links to classical music

The Flying Inkpot A webzine on our local arts scene. Reviews of music,films, books et al.

Classical Insites .

For some jazz, visit -

 The Verve Interactive homepage

Blue Note


I do listen to other stuff as well - Everything But the Girl, occasional bouts of Beth Orton, Michael Franks, Irish music and Geneva (Glaswegian quintet - indie fans take note).

 Some sites (that might have gotten me very excited when I was 14 J )

Internet Underground Music Archive

Brit Indie Index

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