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My sister has said that I was the only one in the family who bought lots of books. I do enjoy reading, nothing beats curling up on your bed with a novel and some music in the background on a cool afternoon. Or spending hours in a bookstore ambling from aisle to aisle whilst oblivious to the world. So here's to the written word!

Penguin Books The NY Review of BooksWaterstones

SLATE - They are back to being free of charge! Hurrah for small mercies.


I enjoy travelling as well, I like the idea of going to a new place to see and learn new things. Like finding out how to take a bus in Italy without paying (not wise, there's a 34,000 lire fine) or speaking to a Spanish pension owner who doesn't understand English (you flap your hands a lot, or give up). Another useful tip - try not to walk around Edinburgh at around 11 at night if you're 1. female. 2. Chinese-looking.

The first of my major trips was to Taiwan when I was still in junior college - spent three weeks there as part of the Taiwan Immersion Programme and came back speaking fairly fluent Mandarin and singing mushy-sounding Mandarin songs. I went for classes at "The Affiliated Senior High School of the National Taiwan Normal University", otherwise known as "Shi Da Fu Zhong" , a wholly enjoyable experience I must say. I've back-packed through Western Europe, and have been there three times so far. People wonder why I keep going over there. Well, I like London. I like museums too. Hence. I still haven't been to Ireland, or Scandinavia, that's my aim for now!

I have also spent some time in Brisbane, Australia - did a work attachment with Clarke & Kann, Solicitors . (No, there weren't any red-caped individuals about. It was an excellent law firm I assure you. J )

Good guide books to have around when you're on the road - The Lonely Planet The Rough Guide

Some of my photos can be seen here.

As a little aside - I love Sherman's Lagoon (one dumb shark and one smart turtle) and the Nick Park's Oscar-winning Wallace & Gromit (one cheese-loving inventor and one smart silent dog). They're highly recommended, just click below to find out more. J


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