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If you know of any songs which you think could be added to this list please sent them to me. Preferable with matching guitar Chords. You can send them to me by filling in the add a song form. So far I want to thank Žórnż from Iceland, Anders Carlson Vasteras from Sweden, Dįvur Leon Leonsson from Denmark, Mark Weseen from Canada, Sara Frankenhaeuser, Mike Lundin from Sweden, Sela Kolker from Israel, Gunilla Möllbom from Sweden, Kristin Aleklett from Sweden, Rasmus Hedin from Sweden, Chris Anderson, Ragnheišur Sturludóttir from Israel and Unn Gyda from Norway for their contributions to this song database.

If you have any more questions you can mail me at paul.ulft@inter.NL.net. All the songs are in plain text format. In this way you can easily load them in any program you're using as editor. You can DownloadDownload all the songs as one ZIP file (51 KB).

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