Warm-up exercises
Areas to warm up Without Saxophone With Saxophone
Breathing Mechanism Inhale deeply throught mouth for 4 seconds hold for two seconds and exhale for eight seconds and repeate several times Play longtones with vibrato. Limited range, from low C to middle C.
Embrouchure Say "Do - We" 10 - 15 times slowly . Push the corners firmly inward on the "Do". Stretch the corners back as far as possible on the "We" as an exaggerated smile. Play longtones and slow descending scales with vibrato. Limit the range from middle F to low B-Flat.
Neck And Back Do a variety of streaching exercises. Slowly bend your neck to the side as if trying to touch your ear to your shoulder(10 times on each side) Rotate your head in a wide circle looking down at the floor and up at the ceiling(10 slow rotations). Turn your head slowly from side to side, aligning your chin with each shoulder. No specific playing exercises are recommended.
Fingers Hands and Arms Stretch out your hand palm up. Use your other hand to bend the to bend the fingers back slowly over the wrist for a count of 10. Now hold your arm straight with fingers pointing downwards bend your fingers back slowly under the wrist for a count of 10. Be sure to streatch both arms. Let your arms fall to your side. Slowly alternate between a fist and widely stretched fingers(10 times) Play slow scales, chromatic and third patterns. Run through all keys you know. Limit your range at first to the middle and low registers. Extend the range to cover all registers as you warm - up. Eventually finish with full range extended patterns from low B - Flat to high F - Sharp.
Tongue Say quick rhythmic patterns using a "Di" or "Ni" syllable. Use a steady even pulse. For example four(4) quarter notes would be "Di-Di-Di-Di". Practice repeated single - note patterns and scales using many articulation patterns

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