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Hello, glad you could drop by! Just click on the approppriate item to see some cool pictures, hear some of the tunes I've written, or read some of my lovely prose...

Ringo's Desktop HelperNew!!! Check out this new program I wrote that handles all things graphical, audio, and multimedia for Win 95/NT! Download a free copy! (Version 1.1 out as of Feb. 23)

3D graphicsSome of my original 3-D graphics

soundsMy sound garden

storyA cool theory by one of today's great thinkers

Links I LikeSome of my favorite links

A new page with C++ .exe's and source code for the beginner!

Here's a nice utility I wrote for windows 3.x/95 that will convert any unit to ringos and output an easy to read chart of the conversions (If you don't know about The Ringo, click on the caracature of einstein above to read about my theory). All you do is input what kind of units you would like to convert, and the range of those units. This program should solve all of your unit conversion problems! Download Ringocon.zip

Come again soon!

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