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Lamborghini Countach, my dream car


Lamborghini's most celebrated model, the Countach, was in production for 18 years, starting in 1972. Five different models were produced. They are LP400, LP500, LP500S, 5000, and the "25th Anniversary" model. The last version, the "25th Anniversary" model was introduced in 1988 to recognize the 25th year of the company's founding in 1963. The Countach's top speed hits 184mph, with an acceleration from 0-to-62.5mph in 5 seconds flat. Doors that swing up to open, a posterior V-12 engine installed lengthways, and pop up twin headlights are just a few of the automotive design breakthrough that made the Countach the legend it is today.


I am looking forward to buy a Countach within the next 3 years, wish me luck in finding a right match.

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