Jens Claussen

Sponsored Projects

Union Bank De Suisse-Designed Bank Interior

Boyd’s Hot Rods-Designed Futuristic High-Speed Vehicle

The Berger Foundation & City of Palm Desert-Hydrogen Powered Vehicle

Universal/MCA-Theme Park Ride & Merchandise Center

Samsung-First Generation Vehicles

Computer Skills





Professional Experience


Macintosh: Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Microsoft Word

Silicon Graphics: Alias, Evans Sutherland: CDRS

German (Native Tongue)

English (Fluent/Accent Free)

French (Limited Knowledge)

Graphic Design-Logos

Aviation Design-Package/Exteriors

Product Design

Attended 3 different German specialty schools for electronics, physics, mechanics, design, trade & business.

Art Center: Europe-Jan 1993-Dec 1994 US-Jan 1995-April 1997

Bachelor of Sciences from Art Center College of Design in Transporation Design

Publication for HOT ROD Project

Spokesperson on TV for Sponsored Project-Palm Desert-ABC/CBS

Second Prize-UBS-Bank Interior Project

Internship at Preisendoerfer-Frankfurt, Germany

Worked on scale model of fully automated robot production line for Opel (GM)

Served in the German Air Force

Available Upon Request