The OSU Tubas' Tribute to Megan Gregg

An Ode to Megan

You dribble down the court.
At 6'1", you're not too short.
Do you consider marching band to be a sport?
Stillwater has no oceanic port.

In the stands we play our horns.
We eat free hot dogs, and pretzels warm.
Would you be upset if we were to swarm
all around you and call you "Norm"?

Megan Gregg - A Haiku

Number fourty-three, would you
let us teach you to
play tuba? Could we scrimmage?

Megan - by Czuck

Oh, Megan.
You're much more interesting than that guy,
Carl Sagan.

Megan II - by Czuck

Oh, Megan.
You'd be a much better president than that guy,
Ronald Regan.

More pictures of Megan (from the O'Colly):

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Megan wrote us!